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  1. thats gay man find that kyd an kock him out ll cool j style
  2. hero try putting it in http://www.isubmit.com/ might help a bit homie
  3. yoh wes i lvoe you for this one man haha props major
  4. well i read it as a poem but its really good good job girl
  5. "You had my love But you didn't have my heart You took my money and that didn't split us apart" thats a good rhymes there man keep it up homie
  6. yeah its weird because in a way they become family you know! it so sad i miss her so much everytime i coem in the house im expecting her to be there but shes not.. i really loved her ya know.. but lifes goes on!
  7. its good naw keep it at 2 verses unless you break the verses down then get in a third it all depends on if you got more to say good job man nice story
  8. You must get a lot of girls then! :interesting: ← haha yeah finally haha :lolsign: im so smart now i feel like i got an IQ of 100? :daveuidiot:
  9. yeah that scene was great, it was good, it was a loss for words will really did a good job there
  10. cool thanks for this i dont know who johnny carson is thought but its all good
  11. Big Ted man you really needa take a trip to london haha these chicks out here are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.....!!! haha ill start taking pictures (runs out the door with a camera at 4:00am) :lolsign:
  12. nice parking meter you got there now u can put it in ya laneway an charge ya rents ta park
  13. oh damn i didnt come to this site till july 21st so i have no clue what happened befor hand
  14. oh i didnt know where to post it man cause i though BigWill forum was for news sry bout that
  15. i juss gots ta publish it and ill post the link up homie... Also i will be selling cds there check this list 50cent---The Massacre Classified---Boy-Cott-In The Industry Eminem---Encore The Game---The Documentary 50cent--Get Rich Or Die Trying Jay Z---The Black Album Obie Trice---Cheers Fabolous---Ghetto Fabolous 2Pac---Loyal To The Game D12---Devils Night D12--- D12 World Styles P----Gangsta And A Gentelman Lloyd Banks--- Hunger For More 50Cent---Guess Whos Back Mase----Welcome Back Jay Z- The Life And Times Of Shawn Carter Nelly----NellyVille LL Cool J----The G.O.A.T. Juvenile----Solja Rags Linkin Park----Hybird Theroy Nas----Nastradamus LL Cool J---Mr.Smith Nas-----It Was Written Dj Clue-----Clue Presents BACKSTAGE Mixtape Snoop Dogg----Paid The Cost To Be The Boss Snoop Dogg----Doggy Style 2Pac----- Nu Mixx Klazzies Eminem------The Eminem Show Eminem------- The Marshal Mathers LP Eminem------ Slim Shady LP 8Mile------ The Soundtrack The Wash---The Soundtrack D12----**** On You CD Single 2Pac-----Ressurection Ludacris-----Chicken And Beer Royce Da 5'9-----Death Is Certain Royce Da 5'9----- Offical MIC Mixtape Joe Budden----Joe Budden G-Unit----- Beg For Mercy Mobb Deep---- Amerikaz Nightmear Kayne West----- Collage Dropout Nelly----- Sweat Young Gunz---- Tough Luv Jadakiss-----Kiss Of Death Big Tymers--- Big Money Heavy Weigths Twista---- Kamikaze Young Buck----- Straight Outta Cashville Lil John---- Crunk Juice Dmx----Grand Champ Ja Rule---- The Last Temptation Linkin Park---Meteora Dr Dre----Chronic 2001 Limp Bizket---Cholate Starfish And The Hott Dogg Flavoured Water Limp Bizket---- Significant Other Thoes are the ones im WILLING to sell for now.. the rest of my cds are ones im keeping... which is why theres no willsmith being sold haha...! but anyways tommrow when i wake up ill post the link!!! I PROMISE!!!
  16. thanks man check out my hiphop one also its pretty cool to imma do a party starter one tommrow i gotta go to bed its 5:13am where i live
  17. well i need reviews major!! i need hiphop news updates everyday i need journal entries like talkin about hiphop related stuff.. so anything out of that you can help with sofar im getting other things up
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