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    a little bit of everything. rap , country , rock and will smith movies and shows. I'm a softy for the old stuff but picky about what the old stuff is , seeing as I don't like the way some stuff send vibes to me lol.

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  1. the true idea behind apple is to get away from microsoft. which I'd love to do today. Microsoft has gone overboard and needs an adjustment of some sort but no one seems to care. Why pay for Microsoft stuff since stuff like for will and ready rock and Jazzy Jeff is alot cheaper? lol I know they aren't the same but neither is actually necessary but the only connection between the two is you don't see will or jeff upgrading their songs and calling it fifty dollars or more for the upgrade. Seems like micro could learn a few new tricks if bill bate's humble enough to learn a few new tricks. in order for things to truely work there must be a good team leader with good team players. But I don't think Microsoft has it. I think it's Apple that has what it takes. "LONG LIVE APPLE"
  2. I wrote newline and called them a rat rear racist cause I got to think'n of it a little more and kinda think they were being selfish and may've actually tried to defame Jazzy and smith. If this is the case then they have made me mad enough to boy cot them for such actions as hide the video. not meaning to go a.s. but it does take time to make a video right. I remember watching my dad and uncle try to make one on how to kill bears and what to use and stuff. they tried to work together but they would get it wrong a few times and they gave up. So yes I know from experience that new line was using multiple reasons to do this to will and jeff.
  3. hrm. forgot to go over the message before posting. I think my fingers have gone postal they don't want to work.
  4. Oh god, it reminds me of some of the hairbrained stuff will did in his show. I think he did it for attention cause I'm wondering if the movies is going to the younger generation and not sharing the spotlight with those that kept the way open for them in the first place. it goes to show how stupid also how the commericals for the theaters are being made. I can still see myself not buying half the stuff cause they don't have their creative mind set to true genius. I'd rather by coke if I see with smith part in killing the alien in the plane and getting thirsty after that and grabbing some softdrink to kill the thirst. and keep drinking the soft drink after having to the dead alien all the way to area 51. whoo hoo.
  5. It's 2010 man and no one has seen the video with Smith jump'n on beds run'n from freddy? this ain't cool. I started getting interested in will when I saw how cool he was in shows then got into the big screen. Yeah he's cool and should dig up that old video and remind the new line cinema that he boosted their sales on freddy. He deserves to see that video live. He better respect from them too. :mmph: who do them guys in the new line cinema think they are to begin with? I can see that if I were to defend will when they did that about the video I'd have given new line some things to think on. but then again they probably have no brains to think with since they got nothing but new carpet and new seats to think of instead of respecting true talent boosting up their sales far better than that. I'd like to see how well they can get up and hip hop and be bop with the best of the rappers we have now. New line cinema has now taste nor do they have any " soul" . amen and amen. All I'd be asking will smith is to let the fans have that video cause he took the time to make it and he has fans that haven't seen it yet and they deserve to see it. It also means that if he finds it and puts it up for all to see he would remind everyone that this is america and we still have freedom and we should even fight for a video even if it means new line cinema looking bad. Principle of the thing man. peace.
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