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  1. I don't think it has been posted before (maybe I missed it) Official Behind The Scenes of "Whip My Hair" with the whole Smith's family
  2. It doesn't hear like a song of a 10 ys old kid. It could be a Rihanna's or I-don't-know-what-other-star's song. Maybe the lyrics are not because I don't understand it
  3. I watched Karate Kid 2010 yesterday. It's a nice movie, not the movie of the year, but a nice one. Jaden seems to be a good actor! But we know that since The Pursuit Of Happyness
  4. Still "coming soon"... I don't knw what this website was supposed to be, but it will never be that. It's like Will Smith's official website : still nothing, after one year.
  5. Fresh Prince is in "When The Radio Is On" music video too :
  6. It's like the thing about 1 year ago, Jeff was kicked off a stage too. For some dumb reasons too.
  7. It' a huge article ! A lot of english to read for me, poor french lol ! I'll read that later, thanks !! EDIT I read it, and this is an awesome article !! Thanks again !
  8. Here is a picture of his marriage : lol
  9. The Lakers roster is amazing. If Brown stay, there is a back up for each position (I don't think Vujacic is really a b-ball player)
  10. Will has deleted the video from Berlin. Too bad :( He thinks he sound ignorant, but I really don't think ! It's not because you don't know EVERYTHING that you are ignorant :( At least, I saved it on my computer :D
  11. Ok, sorry! I just saw that was the same beggining so I didn't watched it ! Big thanx for the synch !!
  12. It's the same video than the other day ?!
  13. I don't know who will win, but I don't think Spain can be too confident. Germany crushed England and Argentina, while Spain was hardly winning 1-0 against Portugal and Paraguay
  14. I heard 1/3 of the mixtape and this is good!
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