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  1. What a classy entrance :D Nice performance for a very good song ! Thanks !
  2. Very very nice videos ! I am learning a lot of things, watching them ! Of course, I don't understand everything :D but very cool videos ! Thanks !
  3. He seems to be very good at Rubik Cube ! You can see him solve one ine FPOBA and in a movie ! Thanks !
  4. Please, what is the name of the song, in the first episode, when Will is dancing in is room, hanging a poster on the wall ? Thanks ! EDIT I finally found it : "Back to life" - Soul II Soul
  5. ok :) What is the full name of the phychic witch Hilary is going to see to say 'Goodbye' to his ex fiancé ??
  6. Merry Christmas !!!! And Happy New Year (in advance, but if I forgot... :D)
  7. Parent's Just Don't Understand "Mom, Dad... How was your trip !" Nightmare on my street "I said 'Yo Fred!'" (I love the way he say it :D) So Fresh "Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in your face" And lot of others !!
  8. lol yeah....Rafael DelaGhetto You remind Will's teacher, during the first season :D he's so funny !!
  9. Every day, I watch 2 or 3 episode ! The last I saw is the one where Will & Carlton are sick and move into the pool house (and Will tells Carlton he's dating his ex girlfriend, Paula !)
  10. Geoffrey middle name is Barbara. Hilary is egocentric, and "knows" she's very pretty.
  11. you sleepin' in Carlton's room. finish the quote Phillip (to Hilary and Will): "you didn't have the sense to know that that man would be angry that I dismissed him from the trial, you didn't have the common sense to know that?! Hillary: :hm: I really don't know ! It must be something like "No", but I don't know the real answer !
  12. Great pics ! Good to see Alfonso & Tatyanna again !
  13. Bad for Will, and for The Shield... Nothing for The Shield !!!!! :sick:
  14. I don't know if it's a good idea... If think they should stop on the first !
  15. That's true, we were suspecting that he will never do an album again. But until he said that definitely, there always was a hope !
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