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  1. "You can look at the first six episodes of The Fresh Prince and I was so just hell bent on not failing that I memorized the entire script. And you can see in certain shots they tried to cut around it as much as they can, but I am mouthing the other actor's lines. [...] It took six episodes for someone to tell me to stop doin' it." I made a clip with some of these shots : Will Mouthing the others actor's lines It is hilarious to see him miming all the dialogs !
  2. 1. All that story was bulls*** and never happened 2. Rihanna is damn dumb Tick your choice
  3. He is very charismatic. He is very very talented in everything he do (music, movie,...). He is here (famous, rich, appreciated) because he worked hard, not by chance. He is very humble, available,... For example, on TV Show, he is like anybody, he is not like "I'm a star, so I don't laugh, I am here to make some advertising for my movie and that's all"."He laugh, he is close with the public (in a french TV Show, somebody tell him he like the "hello" (I don't know the english word :/) he did with Jazzy jeff in FPOBA, Will stand up and do the ove with the guy. Second example, always in french show, a girl tell him she like him, she love him, and Will stand up to kiss her. Maybe this is not extraordinary, but it is extremely rare) These are the 4 principals reasons for me !
  4. Yes, thats funny ! And Jazz say "But who are you" to Nicky, WIll answer "It's baby Nicky" and he make a sign showing Nicky grew up a... little !
  5. Hello ! I've made a clip of Will Smith & Martin Lawrence singing "Bad Boys" in Bad Boys and Bad Boys II ! Will Smith & Martin Lawrence - Bad Boys "Bad boys, bad boys What you gonna do What you gonna do When we come for you."
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU4aSojKIKI DJ Jazzy Jeff show his skills on "The Next Episode" (Dr Dre) ! Very nice !
  7. I don't think Will says that. First, he will not say that "to see the reaction". It is not something HE could do. Not his nature. Second, why say "I'm back into music" 1 or 2 month after "No desire to get back into music" ?
  8. http://i41.tinypic.com/2hfqt5k_th.gif Is that better ?
  9. That's was just what I was looking for yesterday : Born To Reign clips ! I really like Nod Ya Head and 1000 Kisses music video !
  10. Ok, so it's gonna be smaller in pixels
  11. Quite nice french ! You want a smaller 'weight' (I don't know if it is the word in english ?!) ? A smaller weight signify a smaller size, or a smaller quality
  12. I prefer the first. More dialog, more funny,... The second seems to be here "just to be here" :/ but she's not bad
  13. But I think badboys asking was about the external shots we see in the show. But if somebody know the adress of the studio, I interrested, to see it on google map (even if we can't see anything)
  14. Yeah, me neither. I listenned to the whole album again this week end, and... WOW ! I really love Nod Ya Head, 1000 Kisses, How Da Beat Goes On, I Gotta Go Home,...
  15. http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/17/...60419336906.gif More than 5Mo! Maybe I'll do others during the week !
  16. Maybe I\'ll do it tonight (in France... so in 10 hours approximatly :D). To help you waiting :D I have this dance in little :
  17. I think too it is the real, but I can't find the 4 pillars aroudn the door :( But we don't see every part of the mansion on the pic !
  18. Do you have a video, or a preference (there are a lot of Will dancing clip, in FPOBA, clips,...)
  19. I listen a lot Switch ! I love that song ! But I didn't listenned the whole album a lot of times
  20. Wow I was looking for HQ music videos for weeks ! Someone can repost Gettin Jiggy Wit It please ? Link is down :( And someone got others, like Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble, Parents Just Don't Understand,... ? Thanks !
  21. A question about "Block Party" (Born to Reign album). After 2 minutes, what Will says ? I understand "Ouai Salut", french words to "Yo what's up", but on the web, all the lyrics says "West side". Thanks !
  22. (Sorry for putting back up this ooollddd topic, but I prefer post on an already made topic !) Apparently, the mansion used for the external shots was that one : http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/15/...02718423573.png http://iamnotastalker.files.wordpress.com/...04/img_1885.jpg I looked for an other, because we can't see, for exemple, the same pillars. But apparently, this is really the Bank's Mansion ! You can see it on Google Earth or others tools like that. It cost $6.05M :o ! To find it : 34.08410600, -118.44060900 In a tool like Google Earth !
  23. Will's house (Calabasas, near Los Angeles) : http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/15/...02055112792.png http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/15/...02634601965.jpg Jazzy Jeff's house (Delaware) http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/15/...10210543071.png Amazing house for Will, nice "little" house for Jazzy !
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