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  1. I don't have any question, if somebody got one !
  2. That's incredible the number of movie he's about to do !!
  3. Don't know if it is my favourite, but I saw the last one yesterday, and it is very good. Not by the humor, but by the emotion.
  4. EDIT It's an error, I can delete this message ??
  5. Why not, but for example, Tatyana Ali is not really the sixteen years old's girl she played in the sixth season ! The only way to make a realist movie is to do something like "20 years later". And I don't think it is a good idea. So, in my opinion, they should stay with the six seasons, and just that. In most cases, to want to make it more, it's to make make too much.
  6. Too bad this clip is unobtainable ! This is probably the song which the story adapts the best to a clip ! With Jazzy and Fresh Prince, it would have been excellent !
  7. Good choices for the songs, but maybe Then She Bit Me would have been in the list. Maybe I'm All That too :D But it can't have 50 songs in the CD :lol:
  8. Yes, that's right, but it is a topic without any temporal border ?! it is always on actuality !
  9. Never ! Not easy when we're in France !!!!
  10. I read a little bit of the story, and I'm not really interested... but Will Smith play in this movie, so I think I'll watch it !
  11. Difficult to extract som scene or episode, everything is funny ! But I like : - Will and Carlton apologies to Ashley in season 6 - Will dance with Geoffrey when this last one think he win a lot of money - All Geoffrey's unpleasant comment on Phil, Hilary, or all the family :D - All Will's jokes about Phil -...
  12. Whoa this is good ! Too bad he is not a bid star in France :( Here, he's not what he is in America
  13. I love this song. Good music, and great message !
  14. Yes, what a house :mygod: And what a TV (projector ?) :mygod:
  15. I watched the movie yesterday, and I think it's a quite good movie ! Will Smith play very well ! It is impressive the range of part he can act ! Fromthe comedy (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) to really cold an serious (Hancock, I Am Legend) ! It is strange to seea movie with just one figure, alone ! On the contrary, I saw the alternate ending, and I can't understant why did they filmed a end like this ! What a stinky alernate ending !
  16. I have one, easy According to Will, for what Hilary need a new hat ?
  17. This is cool, 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' clothes ! I don't imagine me in street with that shoes :D but its a good decoration object !!
  18. Maybe others later EDIT New one's: http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/1403/fpoba1ay7.gif http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/9671/fpoba2dr3.gif http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/1336/fpoba3vg4.gif http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/6051/fpoba4ik3.gif http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/5876/fpoba5gw8.gif http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/4024/fpoba6rn4.gif http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/5421/fpoba7lv0.gif http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/5057/fpoba8fx7.gif Hope you like it :thumbsup:
  19. Ok, thanks ! I did not think that they were also known ! For exemple in France, I thought that nobody know them ! But maybe... ?! Thanks !
  20. I don't have any of Will, but maybe I can do some one ! Thanks for the welcome !
  21. In reality, this is an "acapella with an other instrumental" (so, not an acapella )
  22. Lyrics and music I think, are different than the album version. But this is a great version !
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