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  1. Carlton have sex once :) with "the girl of his dreams". But she already got a boyfriend, so the relationship stopped there !
  2. I have not seen this picture the first time I looked at the links : Bank's brothers and sisters !!
  3. Second videos has been deleted :( BUt thanks for this live !
  4. Someone know why DVD's released so long time after the show ? More than 10 years after, fifth and sixth season are not yet released !
  5. 14 votes, and 9 movies on the 14 I suggested have 1 vote or more !
  6. If you want ! http://nsa05.casimages.com/img/2009/02/06/...04514556110.jpg
  7. thanks for all your messages ! I think I can improve the Will & Jeff pic, but I'm happy of the result !
  8. Finally, I've done the background by myself, and here is the final (for the moment) version of the wallpaper (original size : 1920*1080) :
  9. I Am interested in all these songs ! Maybe you can do a zip and post it on rapidshare, megaupload or something like that ?
  10. Will (or JJFP) is mentionned in a lot of songs. Even in a french song, but it is not as a reference, but as a comparison : "Mon style c'est du Kill Bill pas du Will Smith" ("My style is some Kill BIll not Will Smith", refers to the hardcore style of the rapper) He is a reference in rap, movies, success and American dream !
  11. Yeah maybe ! I remember, in the FPOBA episode, the song was totally different than the Rock The House's one
  12. Hello ! The question is simple : what is your favourite movie with Will Smith ?
  13. Thanks ! Amazing ! This is my favourite JJFP song ! Do you have the first first version (this one), but with the lyrics ?
  14. I prefer The Shield, witch is, for me, the best show ever made !
  15. Very nice song, Eminem is still one of the best of the history of rap for me !
  16. Seems to be a really good game, I saw 3 or 4 videos of test, and it is nice, beautiful and dynamic
  17. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Fresh Prince :D And "A deux pas du périph" Sinik Elsewhere, in the second song, Will Smith is mentionned :) Rough translation : "My style is some Kill Bill not some Will Smith" (refer to the hardcore style of Sinik)
  18. (I post my question here because I don't want to make a new topic just for that). About this picture (take in the gallery of this site) : Is that a real JJFP autograph (scanned) ? Thx !
  19. Yeah, remake :( It'll be cool to find the original instrumental ! But I don't know if we can find it :/
  20. You mean, on this site ? In gallery part ? I didn't found any big pictures :( but I didn't watch any of them, I'll go to see them again ! EDIT I didn't really found what I was looking for :( but thanks, I still found some great pics
  21. I also like the final scene in "Six degrees of graduation", when Will & Carlton receive their diploma !
  22. Very funny ! Too bad there was this story with first Aunt Viv, because she was definitly the one I prefer... she was funny !
  23. Hello ! Fan of JJFP, I am looking for a JJFP wallpaper... but my display definition is definitly too big : 1920 * 1080 pixel ! So, I try to make my personal wallpaper. And I have 2 questions : - Do you know where I can find nice big pics of JJFP ? I found "He's the DJ I'm the rapper" cover, but the quality is not very good, and I need to make some Photoshop retouch (I'm not a Photoshop professional ! But maybe I can do something better) Or maybe you got some very big wallpaper ?! http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...howtopic=12959# My second question is about the background. I think I will put the "He's the DJ I'm the rapper" picture, but I need a background... and I had an idea. I really like the background uses in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble and Parent's Just Don't Understand clip (with all the graffities). But, firstly, I need a picture of this, and secondly, I need a... BIG picture of this :D Do you know where I can find that ? I think I saw on MySpace the guy witch did these amazing graffities, but I can find his MySpace's page again :( Maybe he got a really big picture ?! Thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad english :(
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