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  1. I know he had sex with that girl, and that was his first time, but he could of had more sex after that episode. I'm wondering, where does Aunt Helen live? In the Season 6 episode where Vivian and Phillip break up for a little, she goes to Helen's. They watch a Chicago Bull's game, with Michael Jordan returning to the NBA, so I wonder if she lives in Chicago?
  2. I'm sure we've all always had questions about the show, characters on the show etc. when watching it. Post as many as you can think of, or that you have. Examples Did Carlton only have sex once? Where did Lisa end up? (After becoming a half-sister to Will) etc. But only questions that deal with the fictional aspect of the show. So, no questions about how and why the first Aunt Vivian left and so on.
  3. Geoffrey is not good in dealing with mushy feelings, because he's British Jazz lives in Compton (CA)
  4. My favorite episode is A Philadelphia Story. Everything about that episode I love. I live close to Philly, I'm in NJ and I have family and friends in Philly so it's a special episode. The humor in the episode is great as well. The part where Will and his mom are going to the Phillies game at the vet, and the one guy has a funny laugh, and Will imitates it lol. Also the chicken will jokes were funny and made me laugh as well. I liked the Christmas episodes from the first two seasons, along with all the Thanksgiving episodes.
  5. Will likes and has been looking for the new transformer toy in awhile (it was in an episode in season 6) Carlton likes Tom Jones Carlton is horrible at bowling Vy Smith has the same maiden name as her married name Janice likes white guys
  6. I saw this game on another site and thought it was cool and creative, except they played the game with another show, so let's get it! It's basically funny things or anything and everything we know about TFP. It can be about the characters, the show, places in the show, traits in characters etc. Anything. Their's NO limit on how many we can name, so post as many things in one post as you want. Be creative with it! Here are some to start: That Carlton is (VERY) short Uncle Phil used to be called "Moose" as a nickname by one of his friends Hilary loves to shop Will is great at basketball Their are two Moms in the family (WHAT?) lol Geoffrey has a son, named Frederick Will "dated" Michelle Michaels Ashley is a one-hit wonder
  7. What is Hare Today about btw? I don't remember that episode (title) off hand. Cool thread. I am watching the episode where Geoffrey's son comes to visit.
  8. I love the Christmas episodes from the first two seasons, and the one about Nicky isn't bad, but doesn't compare to the other 2. What do you think? EDIT: I don't know how to post a poll, somebody help me with that for this thread? Thanks.
  9. What about, all of them listed? lol. I Done is awesome. I love the episode but I cry every time I see or watch the episode in general, and during specific scenes of this episode. Papa's Got A Brand Excuse is totally sad, espec. considering the situation with Will & his Dad. Just Say Yo was sad because of the relationship Carlton and Will developed after the incident & Carlton taking the pills and almost dying. Bullets Over Bel-Air- I love this episode. The whole episode was sad due to the situation, Carlton's reaction to the situation and just a character getting shot in general.
  10. Cindy right? If that's right, here's a finish the line question. Uncle Phil: The man changed my life. And you know how he did? He challenged me. Will: _________________
  11. What does everybody think about a TFP album, of all the best and most used/recognized songs on the show? Not just every song, it's limited. I'd say to start... 1. The TFP Theme Song- You could even throw in the extended version as well as the theme song everybody knows 2. Naughty By Nature- O.P.P. 3. Snap!- I Got The Power
  12. Yeah it's Quincy. I'm sorry for the late reply.
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