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  1. What the ****? Independance Day was a classic, brought in half a bill worldwide and a sequel is still talked about to this day. Bad Boys 2 was ****ing great and so was I, Robot. this guy is just childish.
  2. She gonna be nude in this film? Btw to a guy above, National Lampoons European Vacation was decent!!!
  3. Oh my that pic posted with Alfonso and Karyn makes me wanna cry.. BRING BACK FPOBA!!! Cant believe it... little Ash is 30 years old, she has 13 years on me and Ive been watching FPOBA since I was about 6
  4. Romano, in that first pic you posted, I really think thats the one, if you remember that episode where Will and Carlton have a pool party, and then Uncle Phil takes them to court, that pool is in the exact position. And the trees are spot on just like the intros to the scenes of episodes where they show the house through some leaves.
  5. But didnt Will already make his comeback and revive his career in 2005 with Interscope?
  6. Bad Boys 2 and MIB I. They are classics that Ill never forget. LOL @ the person who voted for Wild Wild West.
  7. FP and JJ made Hip Hop, period. This is oldschool, I figured it would be a recent interview speaking of the past. But still cool to watch.
  8. "One crazy bitch" Haha, Alfonso's still got it. It's good to hear that not only Will was having problems with her. I think Janet really exagerrates her story. She just was never able to get over that she had been replaced. To be frank, Daphne did as good a job as her, she was great, and she was loved by the cast. Glad Carlton n Will still hang with eachother, their families, play golf and meet up during Christmas time. Thats really awesome to hear. FRESH PRINCE 1 HOUR SPECIAL REUNION SHOW please~!
  9. What is Hare Today about btw? I don't remember that episode (title) off hand. Cool thread. I am watching the episode where Geoffrey's son comes to visit. Remember when Nicky gets a pet rabbit and uncle phil kills it and pays Hilary to get a new one.. haha Also Ashley and Carlton compete over who gets lead singer role at the church and the Rev falls for Viv
  10. Quick reminder: Just Say Yo: (Will accepts pills (speed), which Carlton mistakes for vitamin C) Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse: (Will's father episode) Bullets over Bel-Air (Will gets shot, then Carlton gets himself a gun for safety) Although these 3 are very, very hard to pick from because they are all extremely emotionally powerful, I'll have to go with I, Done (Part 2). The final FPOBA episode, man, I cry every time Will says "Im definately gonna miss this place" and then shuts the light off. :( How bout you guys?
  11. "To what a pie eating contest?" What does Will say to Scorpius after he puts a hex on him?
  12. lol yeah, whats your question Rome.
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