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  1. Shoot, too late :( Someone can repost it please ? thx in advance !
  2. Please someone can repost JJFP On MTV TRL (Live): Switch (29 March 2005) Will , Jada .... on South Park Thanks ! But it's too bad, 80% of links are down :(
  3. Maybe he is :? He was millionaire just with rap music ! Even though, it is hard to be billionaire, so I don't think he already is :D
  4. But I don't have the DVD :( Still thanks, I'll know when i'll have the DVD !
  5. They can think what they want, WIll Smith is presently the biggest actor in the world.
  6. Yeah, happy valentine's day, even if I think this is just a commercial thing : you don't need a day too love your husband/wife ;)
  7. Great actress in FPOBA, but I prefer the first Aunt Viv : more funny, role more developed,...
  8. I don't know if they are in all versions, but they are in SNES version too !
  9. Maybe the most part of you already know that, but Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince are in an old basketball video game, NBA Jam Tournament Edition ! Released in 1993 on PC, PS1, Megadrive, GameBoy, Game Gear, Saturn and Super Nintendo, you can enter a cheat to play with Fresh Pince or Jazzy Jeff ! A screen : You can find this game by emulation ! (It is not exatly like NBA 2k9... but there are JJ & FP !)
  10. Welcome ! And there are 2 others seasons of FPOBA !!
  11. Yeah, congratulation ! "So many awards I can start a Grammy (and all others !) chess board"
  12. Not really fan at my first listening. But thank you.
  13. Not wrong, I prefer too when he sings with his "real" voice I listen a song again, and my opinion is in a little fall. Not very bad song, but not really good for me.
  14. Interesting. Lot of money for I, Robot :-O and a little drop for The Pursuit of Happyness !
  15. Really ? Me I like it :D Maybe because I don't understand the lyrics !!! I like the beatboxing at the end !
  16. Season 3 Episode 9 - A Night at the Oprah
  17. Yes, now, he stopped the music... People don't saw him will probably never see him :(
  18. Thank you, that's very interesting !
  19. Her second album is already released ?? I can find anything about it on Internet :(
  20. "I stopped us here" Thank you, that was really not the way I was looking ! I tought it was something like "I stop the ..." !!! Thank you very much !
  21. Not the remix I prefer, but not bad ! I just have a question about 'So Fresh' : what Jazzy say at the beginning of the clip ? "I stop the ..." I can't understand that word ! Thx !
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