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  1. I didn't find it :blink: I searched everymessage that fresh_from_sofia wrote in JJFP sub-forum, and messages that contains "raps" word. But didn't find it. I just found a live of I-don't-know-who on Yo! MTV Raps :(
  2. Sorry for putting this topic up, put I really like this "remix". But I can't find the original video of Running And Reading at Kids Choice Award. I'd really like to see it in the original show ! Anybody knows where I can find it ? Thanks ! EDIT I just realized that there is a more "official" topic of this clips...
  3. Hello ! I wonder something since a few days or weeks, and more I watch DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince old videos, and more I wonder it. In a lot of JJFP's in the end of the 80's, Jeff and Will wear french clothes. For example : Le Coq Sportif in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble music video Mégève Slalom Géant in Parents Just Don't Understand music video Equipe équestre in 1988 Showcase Is that because those french clothes reprent something ? Are is that just a kind of coincidence, and he wear all those french clothes like he could wear Nike, Adidas, or any others brands and others clothes? (it's strange, because for example, Le Coq Sportif is really not famous in France). And it is just before 90's. After, and today, there no more french brands. Thanks! PS : its like french words used in english: in GANBT, there is the club "Le Rapp"?! (why two "p"?? Strange!) I tought french things / words were just... in France ! We use english words, but I tought french was just in France, because we are not a big country, with nice brands and a language spoken allover the world!
  4. But I can see it in France! It is strange PS : I never understood why some website put this restriction... it's so stupid
  5. I'm pretty sure I have the full episode on my comp back at home, I'll have a look when I get home in a couple of weeks. Man, if you got it, you become my god lol :D
  6. I'm sorry, I paste the wrong link.. It is ok now !!
  7. Hello ! It is a video from MTV.com, for the 20th anniversary of Yo! MTV Raps. From The Fresh Prince to who he is today. Will Smith: Fresh Prince to Major Player PS : If someone knows how to download it, I'm interested! PPS : If someone knows where I can find something about the concert we see at 3:00, I'm interested too!
  8. Hello ! Here are 2 very shorts clips showing DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince in the TV Show Yo! MTV Raps : First Episode Flashback Top 20 Moments : First Grammy PS : If someone knows how to download it, I'm interested! PPS : If someone knows where I can find the whole first episode of Yo! m, I'm interested, cause DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince was part of it!
  9. Hello ! Here is the final of the New Music Seminar of 1986 : DJ Jazzy Jeff vs Barry B. Too bad there is not Barry B's full performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4jG5X8FqTk Jeff won the battle, won the seminar, and Jeff said that people started taking JJFP seriously after this victory. (there is an error at the beggining of the video, it's not 1988, but 1986)
  10. There is the entire JJFP Show :
  11. Hello ! Here is a clip I found on Steady B MySpace ! RapParty 1988, with BDP, Skinny Boys, Kool Moe Dee, Steady B, Schoolly D, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOAEe6teuhA PS : not the battle we all are looking for, but nice too ! Maybe we could ask Steady B about this battle :D :D :D :D
  12. Hello ! I found 2 nices interviews on Youtube, it's Will Smith at Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. 2008 - Part1 2008 - Part2 ("I just thought my first name was F*ck You!" :D) For Hancock released - Part1 For Hancock released - Part2 Enjoy! PS : I can't understant ONE word of what J. Ross is saying...
  13. lol Will will win with 100% to each rounds !
  14. Emine is a very very good rapper, he is very very famous, more than Will (just in music). Will is maybe under rated. Eminem, everybody knows him, in France, everywhere. In France, if I ask 100 people in street : "what do you think of Will Smith's rap ?", 90% will answer "Will Smith ? The actor ? He sings ?", and 5% will answer "I just know Men in Black song and FPOBA theme". I don't know how it is in others countries, but in France, I think it is like that (in France, rap is not really popular)
  15. I send an email to Warner Bros, but 10 days after, still no answer
  16. Yes, lyrics are invented on live in a freestyle, but I don't know how to call that in english :D It is not really I Wish I Made That, so I don't know what word use !
  17. Maybe someone is spanish on the forum and will be able to help us :D (Ale is, isn't he ?!)
  18. Don't think he says Mira, I listenned to the song slowly. Listen to this : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?minmkjzznwx Don't know
  19. No, because he present Will, and WIll arrive on the set and salute (good word?) the public
  20. Hello ! I'm looking for 2 videos : this is Will at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. There is one in 1990 (1989 or 1990), and the one in 2004 ! I found a topic about the 2004 one, but there is no video :( I searched on youtube, nothing. PS : Maybe you got another video : I think Will went to David Letterman TV Show before 1990 (he went on 1990, and David Letterman says "Welcome back to Will Smith!). Thanks in advance ! Bonus : Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff creates two new months!
  21. He says "Mierda" (yes it means "Sh!t" in spanish) !!
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