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  1. I voted for If U Can't Dance because of the whole part where he rattles off and it all rhymes to one word like "She thought my name was Billy, I told her it was Willy, She said she watched my tv show and I was very Silly, told her I was from Philly, she looked at me said Really, and judging from her t-shirt I could tell that she was Chilly..."
  2. Will: Now I know you're the greatest and all that, but you best get golfball out my face.
  3. I'm reading "The Broker" by John Grisham and re-reading "Rising Sun" by Michael Chrichton.
  4. that little smilie with the sign, does the sign say "werd" or "wierd"? Nevermind, it's werd.
  5. Filthy stank? I'm Frsh and clean don't need a beautyshop son I can see you sweatin and frettin acting like I had a gun I am Charmng man, rhymes come out like I'm breathing That thing you call a rap it must have left you heaving Now that I've started I'll stay here till the end No games here just skills nothing to pretend Rhymes so Frsh and so clean, clearly seen by blind guys I kill you so brutally people turn a blind eye The speed of your defeat compares to wi-fi Verbal knuckle sandwich, you want it wheat or white rye? Take down notes? You're the student I'm the master Go toe to toe with me you get knocked down faster That’s it you’re gone, oh wait I got three lines left right? What’s left to do, he’s killed, like Disney he’s on ice I’ll visit your grave at the rapper cemetery Looking at ‘Here lies cataboy3 the Ordinary’
  6. There are only two in the 20s, the others are still in the mid teens.
  7. It looks like it should end on the 24th 10:29 AM Pacific Std.
  8. Wow, at this moment there are three ties. Looks like it's going down to the wire.
  9. Call me Fred go ahead 'cause I'll rip you to pieces Your mom won't recognize you nor nephews or nieces I'll scream "Oh my God, I killed him! Please rest his soul Jesus." You won'treign because I found out your weakness You need to think but my rhyme flows like a faucet I'll be real and be honest, bury you with no conscience My pen is mightier than your sword I don't need no awards You stepped in my world and you played the wrong chords There ain't no need for no hooks Just my words made you shook Thoughts come out Frsh like Old Spice Thought you could win son that's no dice You got picked and then burned like head lice Won't find you in movies with director comentaries Tomorrow they'll find you in 'rap battle obituaries'
  10. I don't see any reason why not, it's just one more vote for each.
  11. It's unnecessary. Voters PM their votes to DaBrakes.
  12. This is nice. If I counted correctly we've got twelve. So it seems like it'd come down to a three way battle for the final. I know it's not going to happen, but it'd be nice to have a board-wide rap battle.
  13. I'm up for it. Hopefully I can get past the first round :bang: Is there a limit?
  14. Do you mean like a, I don't know how to say this, official freestyle battle? I think it'd be a good idea. Like you said everyone has gotten stronger since the last one.
  15. I don't think it'll be anything drastic. Plenty of 50+ year old actors still look as though they were thirty, and I'm exculding those who've had surgery. He'll look fine.
  16. Though I haven't heard anything definite otherwise, I would have to say no. It seems unlikely that that little piece of information would go unseen in countless bios of the two of them. That being said, no is the most likely answer.
  17. A concert that KIIS FM here in Cali hosts every now and again. Will was in their first Wango Tango. I think they're up to five or six now.
  18. The Servant - Cells instrumental (the song in the Sin City trailer)
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