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  1. Jazz are 2 and 0 baby! Looks like a sweep. Go Jazz!
  2. That Jackson video was funny. His LL didn't rap, but the whole thing overall sounded pretty good.
  3. :paperbag: I actually thought it was going to be a dirty site or something. Ended up being rather nice.
  4. I think the Jazz'll have an easier time getting through Houston this year. With Yao gone they have no real inside presence so Boozer'll eat them alive.
  5. I don't put much stock in these Yahoo "experts" giving their opinions. Will's greatness is a large target for hate, so just let em keep hating.
  6. Wow. They actually replied? Usually organizations just ignore my mail. Anyway, I have a pretty fast connection, but I couldn't get the danged videos to play.
  7. Hands down Die Hard is my favorite action movie. Yippie Ka Yay!
  8. If a friend goes down a slippery slope of self-destructiveness disregarding all advice and common sense - well there aren't there times where cutting them out would be the best for them as well as yourself? Is there a time set aside just for the case of righting a friend going down the wrong path? Forever is a long time, especially when the dynamic of the friendship changes from going through good times and bad to being their life coach.
  9. I like the "Where ____ happens" commercials. They're pretty interesting.
  10. I don't know. She seems to have pretty valid reasons. If they do make a flick together I'm pretty sure Will would be doing the heavy lifting anyway.
  11. I chose Brosnan. I think that Remington Steele really helped him develop a Bond-ish characterization. Also, I think that as the years went by Bond became more and more human and that Brosnan really made the largest leap in that respect.
  12. I thought it would've been worse than what it is. It's actually kind of cute.
  13. You guys should watch the 30 mins of 80's openings.
  14. Cool. The Jazz are in place heading into All Star Weekend.
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