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  1. Wait....doesn't everybody like Jessica Alba because she's a great actress? :hmm: :lolsign:
  2. Okay I saw this in the news today and I felt so horrible after watching it on the tv. This is the news from CNN.com: [{"BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A suicide bomber blew up a vehicle Wednesday near a U.S. military convoy and large group of Iraqi children in Baghdad, killing 27 people, Iraqi police and hospital officials said. Iraqi police said most of the dead were children. The attack also left 20 people wounded. The U.S. military said at least seven children and a U.S. soldier died in the attack. Three U.S. soldiers were wounded. The soldiers were handing out treats to the children when the bomb went off, police said. The attack -- which happened around 10:50 a.m. (2:50 a.m.ET) in the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of al-Jaddeda -- also set a nearby house on fire, police said. "The car bomber made a deliberate decision to attack one of our vehicles as the soldiers were engaged in a peaceful operation with Iraqi citizens," Maj. Russ Goemaere said in the statement. "The terrorist undoubtedly saw the children around the Humvee as he attacked."}] Now seriously, I cannot believe that somebody could be so damn sick to do something so horrible. It's really sad that so much violence is going on. :thumbsdown:
  3. I'm sorry. I think I took it a bit too far. :whiteflag: :lolsign:
  4. That's a very difficult task to accomplish, probably even by Will Smith. :hmm:
  5. Would you be willing to give up your sex life completely just to hear that track?:lolsign:
  6. I don't know man. Nick doesn't remind me of Will whatsoever. Sorry. :shakehead:
  7. He probably tried to make "Tell Me Why" in the Born To Reign album cut but unfortunately would have missed it. Who knows. :hmm:
  8. Damn, nice find man. I think this video is going to be mindblowing with a lot of special effects. The house changing into a different scenario sounds like a lot of ching-ching has been rolled over to create this video. :lolsign:
  9. Oh girl, if you had only seen the Oprah Winfrey show with Tom in it, DAMN!!! You would even start feeling sorry for him at a stage because of his stupidity. :thumbsdown:
  10. It probably works for only some countries. This is the wonderful message that I got: But reborn2reign posted 6 tracks here. And 'Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble' original was also posted here. And "Special Announcement" was also posted here separately. :hmm: So I guess I can live without Rhapsody. :smart:
  11. Yeah, I saw that particular video of Estelle's. It a damn good track.
  12. Happy Birthday :Party_fest09: :party: :ozzie: :music:
  13. Hey, I just downloaded the album and listened to it. So I thought I'll put my lame-ass review here if anybody cares. So here goes, track by track: Raw ****-This track is all about the govt., racism, Bush, Iraq bombing, etc. It's got a really great beat and a good message too. :1-say-yes: Hard Rhyming-This track deals with the current state of hip-hop and how the rappers in the tv are and how PE are keeping it real. The background guitar riffs is too good. Rise-This track is also about the music business and how PE have stayed strong over the years. Nice one. Can't Hold Us Back-Well, Bigted already posted the link to this song. And anyways, this is one of my fav. tracks off the album. It's too good. :kool: Hard Truth Soldier-It's got a superb beat to it with a guitar riff appearing every few seconds. Nice song. Hannibal Lecture-Basically about the life living in the streets which he is explaining to a reporter. Okay song. Rebirth Of A Nation-It's just an average track. Also the background guitar is really annoying. Pump The Music, Pump The Sound-Damn, it's got a super solid music and beat. Sounds very haunting. One of the best tracks off the album, except it's more of a techno track with no rap. :dj: Make It Hardcore-The music is great in this song. The background piano sound looping is nice. The rap is also wonderful. One of the better tracks from the album. They Call Me Flava-Yaaaaaaaoooooh. A stupid lyrics with really great beat and music. (I'm the aroma in your mother F*cking kitchen. I'm in your mouth when you wake up in the morning, I'm the stink on your breath when you're yawning) (Aah do it again, I don't know what the f*ck I'm saying). :rofl: Funny song with an old school touch, my most favourite track off the album, obviously. :lolsign: :2thumbs: Plastic Nation- Once again, a mad funny song. It's about how women want to change everything about themselves through plastic surgery to look good. It's a serious issue but with lyrics like (Now her face is so tight you can bounce a quarter) it becomes funny. And also the girls saying in the background (I need liposuction, under my chin :haha: ) is hilarious. My second most fav. track. Coinsequence-A weak track. Especially after listening to "They call me flava" and "Plastic Nation", this song loses all its appeal. Track 13-Unbelievable music. Has an early days rap touch to it. Also Flav ending the verses is really nice. I like it. Field Nigga Boogie-It's more of a dance track with only a few verses in the beginning and the middle. But the beats are great. :jazzy: Overall, for me it was a great album to listen to with only a few weak tracks. I guess it's one of the best albums to be released this year. :2thumbs:
  14. Really great pic. And damn, LL looks like he has lost a lot of weight in that pic. He looks awesome in that photo. :2thumbs:
  15. That comparision is just for the sake of reviewing Nick Cannon by the person who wrote the article because Nick's claim to fame, even though is remotely similar to Will, resembles slightly only to that of Will Smith's career than any other rapper in the current mainstream lot. So it does not necessarily mean that Nick Cannon is going to be the next Will Smith. Right peeps? :2thumbs:
  16. I don't think so. We did see who Arnold's parents were in that Parent's day festivities episode, but I don't recall Grandma saying their last names. :hmm: But I saw it a long time ago, so I don't remember.
  17. Hi. Welcome to the board. :1-say-yes:
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :Party_fest09: :party: :wiggle:
  19. Wouldn't it be great if both Switch and Party Starter were in the Top 20. Now that would be something to talk about.
  20. Holy uhhh Sh*t uhhh I uhhh just uhhh saw uhhh the uhhh new uhhh video uhhh with uhhh R Kelly uhhh and Game uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! :lolsign: Even though the video was horrible with dirty skanky hoes shaking their censored, The Game still stood out doing his trademark thing and it was AWESOME!!!!!! I just LOVE when The Game says Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! :rofl: Is Compton In The House??? Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! :haha: :1-say-yes: p.s.Sorry for too many uuuhhhhhs. I got excited. :wink:
  21. Hey, finally "The Batman" cartoon premiered here for us and I caught the first episode. Anyways it was sort of wierd to watch especially because the animation style was so much different from the Batman Adventures, Batman and Robin Adventures and Batman Beyond. It seemed more like the "Jackie Chan Adventures" style. Also the way Joker was potrayed with his evil red eyes was so unusual. It just didn't seem like the comic book Joker to me because even though he's a maniac, he always dresses up in a suit, but not in rags like in this cartoon. He looked like some alien creature or whatever. Also Bruce Wayne not having his trademark squared jaw like in the previous cartoons was different too. And most of the action sequences in this cartoon occuring in broad daylight got me headscratching. So overall, I didn't get the appropriate Batman touch to it. So I'll give it a second chance and watch a few more episodes to get the exact Dark Knight feeling to it. :hmm: :smart: :sigh:
  22. Wow. Will is still working his magic. Like Angel said, once Party Starter releases, it's bound to go up more higher in the charts.
  23. It would be a great movie to watch if Jamie and Will acted together. They'd certainly win the MTV Movie Awards for Best Duo in a movie. :1-say-yes:
  24. Aah, we all have been down that road of alcohol, haven't we, Cookie dear? Just kidding. :rofl:
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