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  1. That girl was SO OBNOXIOUS the whole time. She was about 13 years old and during the time before they started taping she started screaming like a lunatic everytime someone came out of back dressing rooms. She was there with her MOTHER for goodness sakes! He gave her his bottle of water that he had during "Tell Me Why" and she seriously almost fainted. We all made fun of her relentlessly. When we got to do the backstage meet and greet the promoters put her at the very beginning and then ushered her out of the building and made her sit on the bus! LOL
  2. Did everyone see that "Switch" made NOW 19? http://www.nowthatsmusic.com/
  3. We got the DVD today and watched it tonight - we turned it into a drinking game: every time we saw ourselves we took a drink! We are standing next to a guy in a bright red shirt so it was easy to spot us. My husband got a clear shot at the end after the credits during the encore - no really, wait for it!!!! PS - those viewing with us say that we should say that "This video is great b/c WE WERE THERE BITCHES!" :word:
  4. I won a contest and got to go to the taping of the concert that the DVD is of - the songs he performed were: Getting Jiggy Wit it Miami Men in Black Switch Summertime Tell Me Why (with Mary J.) Party Starter Switch Wish I Made That Lost & Found (Not necessarily in that order) I might have left out one or two but it's not too many more because the concert was about an hour. I think that they are bundling them together b/c its smart cross promotion - you get people that liked the movie and like him as an actor that might go out and buy the CD because of the DVD. And Mary J has an album coming out next month I believe as well. I heard that the duet is the next single which would make sense if they promote the duet, dvd, and both cds together. I think bundling it with Hitch is a very smart move - even if it costs a little more for the fans.
  5. I saw that there was a general announcement up on the main forum. I'm sooooo excited - we are going to have a DVD party so our friends can try and spot us in the DVD!
  6. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.gsp...duct_id=3921398 HERE IT IS! Available for preorder! Now you guys and gals can try and spot me - I'm wearing a pink jacket, white ruffley tank top with spaghetti straps, and jeans! Glad to know everyone won't think I was making it up!
  7. Yep, that's exactly how it looked - I just don't have that kind of time for details! I missed three days of law school for the show so I'm WAY BEHIND - but SO WORTH IT. The set was pretty cool - the back up dancers were incredible: both talented and very cute. Thanks to everyone welcoming me to the board!
  8. Ok I registered as URSpider02 - as this post shows! I'll let you folks know when I hear something or get my pictures in - they are supposed to be sending me all kinds of stuff. I also just looked at the list of songs - the two new songs I couldn't remember were Party Starter (which is a good dance song) and I Wish I Made That (which the dumb people in the audience didn't get - but there were like a whole huge group of like 13 year old girls that were leading the group so.....). Now I'm going to do some work for real :-)
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