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  1. Big budget comic book adaptation which is highly anticipated and has lots of CGI effects but with no story content in my opinion is a "Too Hollywood" movie. Right? :2thumbs:
  2. Yo man, that's crazy. Why would Will do that if his video has already been shot and is almost ready to be released. I hope the host of the radio show has got his info wrong because October is just too damn far away. :shakehead:
  3. My dear Ju Ju, please have mercy on the eyes of us male readers here who for most certainly would have read that line. I mean when I picture Will Smith, I picture only tough Mike Lowry, not someone with a silky smooth skin **sniff-sniff**. Damn, I need a tissue, and not in a Jonny 5 way. :thatsux: Lerkot posted: And my dear Lerkie, why don't we ask Angelina herself to show us the goodies so that we could examine them ourselves. Damn, I need a tissue, and in a Jonny 5 way. :haha: By the way, no offense to you, Jonny 5. :2thumbs:
  4. Nice post, man. :2thumbs: I really want that Birthday cake now. :lolsign:
  5. Hey, I saw the movie too. Like everybody said, it's just a fun entertainment movie which you can enjoy with a bunch of friends. There's nothing great to the movie like with Batman Begins or X2, just your typical Hollywood popcorn movie. Certain scenes with The Thing and The Human Torch were nice, but the way Dr. Doom was solidified in the end was just lame.
  6. Whoa Joseph, that was real violent man, even for your standards. But it's still a real solid lyrics. :2thumbs:
  7. Okay, looks like you're the one who is hating here because my opinion didn't match with yours. Your above post saying I shouldn't join in discussions because I wasn't appreciating Kanye is more biased than you claim me to be.
  8. Am I missing something here? :hmm:
  9. Um, DonnaKaranNewYork2KX................. :hmm: welcome to the forum. :2thumbs:
  10. Dumb down. That's why I love Will. And yes, "Switch", "Pump Ya Brakes" & "If You Can't Dance" are my most favourite tracks off the album and that is the real Will Smith/Fresh Prince to me. :2thumbs: Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!! SWITCH!!!!! :lolsign: :dj:
  11. Well, I have been wearing black, I have a skull tattoo, and I listen to Limp Bizkit and Korn. So I don't think I would want to jump out of the window. :haha:
  12. Bigted posted: Damn, at last something I could agree with you. :lolsign: MC Hammer is extremely original and definitely hundred times better than Kanye West. The only reason people started to look down upon Hammer is because of his dance numbers which differed from the image of guns, violence, prison, etc. that the other mainstream rappers were portraying. So if someone considered Hammer as cool, then it's as if their taste was weak. But Kanye just jumped in the MTV generation bandwagon just like Pharell did as a cool producer because the music industry was literally dying so people needed sort of a new hero. With the sudden boom of teenage pop/rock music taking over in the millenium, Kanye came in the exact right moment as the much needed welcome change. And even though I feel for Kanye for experiencing that terrible accident, it still helped him a lot in getting a sympathetic outlook from the fans and gave him the image of a real survivor. This is the reason why he became so hot with the mainstream fans even though he is just an average rapper with his albums being very weak. Just imagine, if he would have come out the same way in 1993, he would have sank hard because of the presence of Pac, Cube, Snoop, Coolio, and also Fresh Prince. There's no way he could be a legend, but just lucky at arriving at the right moment. He'd be a nobody within the next 5 years. Hell, even the Black Eyed Peas are putting out better tracks than Kanye. And Fren, I can't believe that you said that Jazzy can't produce better beats than Kanye. Jeff is a hip-hop pioneer. The guy is a genius in producing beats. His beats have got so much variation, whereas when you hear Kanye, it's just mostly the violins and that really annoying computerised voice in the background. He's just not that good.
  13. Bigted posted: You have to insult 50 in every one of your posts about hip-hop, ain't it? :wink:
  14. Best of luck man. I'm sure it would turn out great. :2thumbs:
  15. When Lil Bow Wow started out, he was amazing. He was literally a child prodigy and "Beware Of Dog" was an excellent effort by a little kid. "Bounce With me" was a great single and I really thought he was going to be the next big rapper. Also getting Snoop Dogg and Fred Durst appear in his video was pure genius. But his next album "Doggy Bag" was a major disappointment. He totally lost his charm and magic and the production of the album was just average. Then he decided to drop "Lil" from his name, tried to act as an adult, got some tattoos, wanted to pretend he was a playboy, chnaged his method of rapping, and that's it, he messed up his image and ruined his own career. Now he's just like everybody else, boring. That's why I don't think he'd have a long running opportunity in the music industry to achieve the status of being called a legend.
  16. "Let's play role reversal, honey." :lolsign: p.s: I'm sorry. Please don't ban me. :sigh: :thatsux: :shakehead:
  17. "Dada!! Jada and Wicked Wisdom are scaring me. Stop her from shaking her head so hard. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" :lolsign:
  18. Eminem sucks. He an assh*le. I hate that loser. F*ck Slim Shady! :mad: :uhh:
  19. Horny lil Jonny, do you need a tissue? :lolsign:
  20. Yeah it's true. I saw some E-Entertainment programmes in the past where they said that Angelina might have had a boobie job.
  21. Mfuqua is liked by Bracesup. :1-say-yes:
  22. Thank you. Cause we sure don't sound like that. :mad: Bigted posted: No way, homie. :whiteflag: Bigted posted again: He's coming out with his last single and video and it's going to be in the same lines as his CD images where at the end of the video, he stares at the mirror, aims a gun to his head and pulls the trigger and is most probably going to say that "This is how you go out with a bang, baby!" So it's going to be amazing, no doubt. Finally, as for Slim retiring, it's not much of a shocker because most of the Eminem sites had already reported when "Encore" was about to release that it could very well be his final release. Anywho, retirement is good for him because "The Eminem Show" and "Encore" were pretty much average albums and he certainly has lost his touch in bringing out solid albums. But I could only hope that he comes out with some audio in the mixtape circulation because he's extremely good in the tracks appearing in all of the Shady Records mixtapes. Finally, for Slim it's an end of an era, I guess. :2thumbs:
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