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  1. Got Wes to change his post about my manliness. ***But I'm going to get it now.***
  2. Man you guys are sick. I ain't like that. :stickpoke: ............. :hug:
  3. "Big Willie Style" and "Lost and Found" are as if it was recorded by two different artists. Here's the thing, when I feel like dancing and throwing my hands up and waving them like I just don't care ( :haha: ), I LOVE listening to BWS. But when its more of a conscious lyrical thingie time for me, then L&F is the way I lean towards. :smart: (Except for Pump Ya Brakes, If You Can't Dance and ofcourse, HHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYY! :lolsign: )
  4. Don't worry, Timothy and AJ. I can protect your backs. :lolsign:
  5. A friendly advice, my dear fellow forum member. I don't think picking on WillisIll and J-O-E was exactly a good idea. :lolsign:
  6. He's right. Nice knowing you, Fresh-Ta-Def. We all will keep you in our minds. :lolsign: :rofl:
  7. Holy hell!!! I am a man's man! I shave like ten times a day because of my manliness. I got the package of all packages. So don't doubt me, peeps. Didn't ya'll see the pic of me getting drunk? C'mon, admit it. Turni was cute. That doesn't mean my manhood has been lost. :haha:
  8. Forgot to add Fred Durst and ICP in that legend list.
  9. The thing is that sex and violence is everywhere now. Forget about videogames, movies, internet, music, magazines, TV, etc. Just a comic book itself contains lots of sex and violence which I'm sure most of the parents would be unaware of. If you ban one thing, there is always easy access to another with similar content. So in this era where sex is considered as the biggest selling item, there's not much of an escape for kids.
  10. Happy Birthday, Julie! :2thumbs: :Party_fest09: :party: :girl2:
  11. It's active almost every time I log onto. So you must have mistaken this one with a wrong board. :smart:
  12. The wrath of the Tim Reaper will be bestowed upon you Marz. So be careful. :lolsign:
  13. Happy Birthday. :Party_fest09: :party: :2thumbs:
  14. You've got a point there. Invasion of teeny boppers is certainly an unwelcome change. Dunno man, Timothy will figure something out. :hmm:
  15. 68 freaking dollars just to be an extra???? Man, I really need to get inside US no matter what. :lolsign: Damn, I'll be perfect for the cigarette smoking roles. Getting paid to smoke, a dream come true. :haha:
  16. Nice pics, man. Surprisingly, a very small pic of Will and Elise from that movie's premier appeared in our newspaper today.
  17. Actually I wasn't talking about true fans. I was talking about people who are not a true fan yet but could still get to visit Timothy's website.
  18. Aaw, don't worry man. You still look cute. :wink:
  19. You shouldn't have kept the option "together", because that's what most of the people would feel for, like me. :2thumbs:
  20. Whoa baby, somebody needs a haircut. :lolsign: Just kidding, I used to have a similar hairstyle too. :1-say-yes: Anyways, nice pic, man. :2thumbs:
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