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  1. WOW. Will Smiths performance was off the charts. That should have been the best entrance ever!!! It was great to see the audience show so much love to Will during FPOBA performance. But unfortunately, they cut us the Summertime performance. :thumbsdown: And for me the other two best performances were Madonna and Velvet Revolver. Damn, Madonna stole the London show completely. :lolsign: She was awesome considering she's now in her mid-forties. She has still got it to rock the crowd. And Slash ripped the riffs all over the world!!!!! Scott and Slash were mindblowing to watch!!! :2thumbs: Other nice performances were Duran Duran, Dido and Youssou N'Dour, R.E.M, Annie Lenox, A-Ha and ofcourse, our very own Doggfather. :haha: Oh, and Mariah was looking really hot in that skimpy tight outfit. But I think the hottest performer at Live 8 has to be Stacie Ferguson, hands down. When she was jumping up and down and gyrating all over the stage, DAMN, I just wanted to grab her and fu............nevermind. :1-say-yes: Overall, one hell of a concert series. :2thumbs:
  2. Like Da Brakes said, people will still buy it when it gets released.
  3. Nice statement from MJ. :thumbsup2:
  4. If it was a girl who reminded you of this fact then I feel that you should just go for it. :hug:
  5. It'll be great if Will Smith performed. Let's just hope he does.
  6. I hope Tom's fake antics doesn't rub off on Will.
  7. OR it could even have been possible that Dre would have never discovered Slim due to which 50 Cent and G-Unit never would have been discovered. And probably Biggie would have been still alive. And instead maybe Dre and P. Diddy would have been dead. And Pac and Snoop would have taken over Deathrow records and Biggie would be ruling Badboy records. And maybe Suge would be rotting in prison. The possibilities are endless if Pac would have been alive.
  8. Wait, I never knew about a new series of Batman. We're still getting the 92 Batman Adventures that too dubbed in the regional language. This sucks. :thumbsdown:
  9. Happy Birthday. :Party_fest09: :thumbsup2:
  10. If 2Pac would have been alive now, then Snoop wouldn't have gone soft and probably it would be Pac and Snoop against the entire Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit crew and also against Ja, Joe, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye, etc. etc. In fact, it would have even been possible that 50 Cent, Eminem, Ja Rule and everybody else would have been pals going against Pac and Snoop. Who knows, it would have been one hell of a warped rap world if Pac was alive. :hmm:
  11. Man, it's freaking hot in here. The temperature actually touched 44C once. I just hope the monsoon comes soon.
  12. After nearly 2 decades in the music industry and still managing to come out with a platinum single and a gold reocrd, Will in my eyes has certainly attained the status of a living legend. :2thumbs:
  13. So you’re back with an essay to prove a point, Cause your lil boy begged you to hook up with this joint, He knows he has lost it, so he didn’t even defend, That one quote of his, which he couldn’t prevent, And how about you, you thought I would forget, Every contradiction I pointed out, which you do regret, Skipped all those stuff, and said some other garbage, Why don’t you just be a man, and defend them with rage, But you figured out an easy way, A clever idea for you to sway, Either battle every 7 days, Or spit about being gay, Repeating the same diss like your boy GilScotty, About penis and erection which are now history, Kept my spit real legit in the past 8 times, Not one cheap shot in any of my rhymes, Even got respect from Gil for keeping it clean, You ain’t needed here kid, cause you is just a has been. Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes Byes! :lolsign:
  14. Thanks. Even though us winning is looking real slim now. :shakehead: :lolsign:
  15. Nice verse man. Keep up the good work.
  16. I always felt that Suge was behind Biggies murder just like Biggie was behind Pacs murder. So nothing surprising.
  17. Breast feeding rhymes, how very impressive, Probably still got those thoughts, ask your mom to give, Some of her tits to sick psychopaths like you, While I spray some incesticide on the two of you, All I got to say is screw the polls, Don’t need it cause I reached my goals, I won this battle cause I made you admit, That my rhymes were great and you did do it, Go check back on the war, you know what I’m talking, But you can’t tell that about me, so just start walking “That last rhyme was good, b/c I know I was wrong,” Those were your exact words, so start singing a song, About a praise for me, cause you can’t do nothing, Me and Joey are the pros, the supreme reigning kings. Byesing :kungfu:
  18. Bitch I'm always ready, I ain't no sh*t, You already faced me, you know how I do it, Attacked without any warning and left you beat, Afraid of battling, so pretended you had exams to read, Many would feel this is more of the finals, Cause there's a team of champs who're considered idols, Don't mistake me assh*les, ain't referring to you guys, We're the true champ here, gonna win after my "Byes" Practiced lyrical warfare like you never could have imagined, Rhymes hit you guerilla style it's gonna be extremely damaging, I could go on upto 64, but it's restricted to 32, That's good for you, less humiliation for you two, We may as well leave our post blank, we would still win, Cause our credibilty's so high, not voting for us is a sin, After this round, could crown us the fresstyle lords, Cause the other two teams ain't but a bunch of frauds, Time for new a style of attack by bringing up the past, Evidence that we're the real warriors is really vast, Two months backs, when the solos were on, Losers tripping over each other, while the audience were gone, To see what the hype was when me and J-o-e were spitting, Were shocked and amazed while the others were cheating, To get back the attention of the members from us, But they had already boarded our cheerleading bus, Nobody even cared if Schnazz beat Will is Ill, All they were doing was praise our real skill, Even Schnazz said that we were too clever for him, So much bandwidth for us, causing nighmares to Tim, You were posting one freaking battle every third day, We were spitting every 12 hours, from April to May, So when the J-o-e decides to tag in the S-i-d, Everybody knows the outcomes gonna be very messy. Byes. :1-say-yes:
  19. Was gone one day, so bitch you was grateful, Didn’t cause you misery and made you hateful, But I’m back now radiating nuclear fission, Destroying you completely is my only mission, Flip-flop thoughts son, you better clear it, Either have a poll or just say screw it, But you can’t make up your mind cause it’s weak, And not able to understand that I’m NOT a Sikh, Just a lyrical mess dude you’re a maniac, Making my task more easy to attack. J-o-e is my best bud, but I can go solo, Combined or single, you’re still a no-show, Byes. :hmm:
  20. And just so you know, I didn't vote for myself here. :lolsign:
  21. God Bless Ya, homie. EXACT same thoughts here. :metoo:
  22. Michael Jackson Limp Bizkit Beastie Boys Nirvana P.O.D :2thumbs:
  23. And so like I said in the other thread, I saw Batman Begins and Mr. and Mrs. Smith yesterday and Oh my, Batman Begins was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! It was a hell of a great movie and it so much had the dark comic book look to it. I just loved the movie. In the trailers, I really didn't feel Christian Bale as Bruce, but after watching the movie, he was able to show he could play Bruce Wayne very well. No unnecessary hamming, extremely good acting, and a real good story, it's certainly up there with the original Batman. And even though both Ra-Al Ghul and Scarecrow had different origins deviating away from the comic book, the actors playing them still managed to capture their villain personas extremely well. And the Batmobile, damn, it was mindblowing. I really have to get one of those. :lolsign: But the best part of the movie was Gordon. He was an exact replica from the comic book and Gary nailed his part for sure. Overall it's one of the best movies of 2005 and the only thing I regret is not going home after watching the movie but instead going to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Oh yeah, Katie Holmes sucked. :thumbsdown:
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