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  1. So yesterday I went to both Batman Begins and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and saw them back to back. I know it sounds crazy but what to do, I was really bored. But unfortunately I didn't enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was really boring and feels like the movie was produced just to pair up Brad and Angie so to sort of create an eye-candy to the viewers. The plot was stupid and also certain scenes were so irritating, especially when they were arguing during the car chase sequence. The ending twist was also so lame. The only thing good in the movie was Vince Vaughn. I am a fan of his and he certainly didn't disappoint in his acting even though his role was very small. I guess I probably would have enjoyed it a little bit more if I just hadn't seen Batman Begins. Oh well........
  2. Alright boy, I’ll give you this much credit, You did do well officially and kept it legit, But what’s this garbage about me being a Punjabi? Bitch that ain’t even my religion, I don’t follow Sikh see. I’m a straight up Hindu down from the south, Tamil is my lingo and that’s what I’m all about, So don’t mix up my faith with your weak knowledge, Or I’ll bash you up lil bitch and stick you in a wedge. The braces are up, prepare for a knuckle sandwich, Consequence is a broken nose and a big stitch, If you wanna talk about rattles then I am a snake, Spitting venomous lines that shook you like an earthquake. Byes :jazzy:
  3. There’s no question of sensibility in your verses now, Figured you’re trying too hard to freestyle somehow, I didn’t mention the polls to prove my talent, Was your idea loser, I know what you meant, Why you gots to twist everything that you say before, These people can’t tolerate it, you’re becoming a bore, Reminds me of something else, oh about the ABC Said you respected me first, now you can’t take it back G, But thank you for the gay stuff, you dug your own grave, Totally proved my point, you’ve got nothing there to save, Used up all your wits to come up with a diss, Said some mean curses there but it is just a miss, I could say F too, but I’m above that game, I still got you beat and put you to shame, But I’ll go on and on as long as you want, Spitting witty lines is the way I will taunt, Me and J-o-e killed you, that’s why you’re full of hate, Winning isn’t your thing dude, losing is your fate, Lemme play a game here, guessing your next verse, About homosexuality and our age, and a whole bunch of curse. Byes. :dj:
  4. Stupid freaking bitch, I’ll mention J-o-e everytime, He’s the best mc here, he got mad wicked rhymes, Dude spit so much here, that’s why he took a pause, But he showed up the next day, and nailed you to a cross, Now you can go ahead and say how much we are gay, That’ll be your only defense cause you’re losing everyday. Yelling from the buildings that you haven’t lost yet, Create the poll you want and I’ll win, that’s a bet. You’re significantly losing the creativity with every second line, So you’re desperately posting 3 ‘I Won’ signs, substitute for a whine, I read your post in the official battle, that was really sad, Jonny totally whooped your ass, and made you look bad, I highly doubt your partner could rescue your losing streak, Cause even Will is Ill tried but only sounded weak, Dude was contradicting so much he sounded like John Kerry, His credibility as a rapper will always remain a query, You are and will always be just an upcoming amateur, Reading your mindless rhymes will always be a torture, This cycle is gonna be repeating, I’ll always be winning, And I ain’t gonna stop until I make you end up quitting. Byesing. :wink:
  5. Forget this battle and start with a petition, To bar us from entering the freestyle competition, Cause we’ll verbally murder you with no hesitation, Your only chance of winning is by our disqualification. Better slip some rare mp3s under the table, To gain more votes from these forum people, Or you’ll end up with humiliation with no votes at all, With tail in between your knees you may begin to crawl, We’re too hard to beat bitch, no way you can, You happen to be a beginner, I feel sorry for you man. After I’m done Lerkie, you’ll forget about Will You’d throw away his CD, cause I’m your new idol, Twisted crazy psycho, we could predict your new obsession, You’d create a “Brace” religion and start a revolution, And Mc be a good boy and don’t bother to rhyme, Polls have already open for us to win this time. Byes. :1-say-yes:
  6. Damn right your rhymes made us cry, Was as pathetic as Tom Criuse's fake love try, To Katie who still can't be a superstar, Like your goals as rapper just too far, The war of the forums officially underway, Saw J-o-e beat everybody in the very first day, Waiting for my turn after that sick psychopath, Calls himself Lerkot who's aiming for his cat, Gonna seal the deal as the true freestyle champion, While you kids go back to watching Nickelodeon, Doesn't even require the battle of Mc-Bad boy, This is how we do cause our mics ain't no play toy, It's an extension of my soul without which I can't live, Freestyles flowing naturally I've got so much more to give, Just switch on the beatbox, I can go 100 miles spitting, Leave you amateurs behind and make ya'll start quitting, This is the real hip-hop movement and we're the new craze, Gen X rappers hypnotising ya'll with our wicked lyrical daze, Shrinks ain't needed homie, we're genius who can think, But I'll rather get you an appointment cause you're about to sink, You already lost the previous battle, so I guess this is your retry, Anticipating the same end, so I'll end now itself with a BYES! :1-say-yes:
  7. Here's my list: Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water Limp Bizkit - 3 Dollar Bills Ya'll Michael Jackson - Dangerous Insane Clown Posse - The Great Milenko Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers East 17 - Walthamstow Snow - Murder Love Snow - 12" Of Snow George Michael - Patience 2 Pac - R U Still Down Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince - Homebase Will Smith - Willennium
  8. You have officially lost the battle with that post, Could have responded to my proofs at the most, But you couldn’t, cause all my facts were right, No jokes in my last rhyme, I was prepared to fight, Brought it as it is without bending any truth, You just stood still stupid while I made you brood, Nothing came to your mind after trying time after time, Decided to repeat the attack you used in your previous rhyme, Proves your inability to continue this battle of the pros, Your last rites will be conducted after the post of J-o-e’s. Diss me of the fact that I’m from a country like India, More harsher than your ‘hood’, just one day here’d kill ya, An English philoshoper trying to show us his intelligence, Unaware of the fact of the American-British difference, You use I-Z-E’s over there while it’s I-S-E’s over here, Go check with your Professor, he’ll clarify and clear, Your official language is English while mine is Hindi, But I’m more fluent than you, so don’t even try me. This is it kid, I’ve left you in a broken piece, So J-o-e can kill you later, homie you can rest in peace. Byes. :i_won_battle:
  9. Never knew it would turn out this way, With no sense at all in what you say, Imagined to have a clean cut rap, But had to compromise with your silly crap, Questioning my maturity with your hypocrisy, Contradicting your rhymes very conveniently, First you’re 14 then you’re older than my dad, The mind of a teenager with ever changing fad, So you say my style isn’t exactly talent, Yet your pal raps about peeing in the toilet, And wanted us to bang you from the rear, Also about pulling out guns to inflict fear, Next line says he won’t be a gangsta here, Think twice before spitting and make it clear, Explicit is the way I rap so I’ll stick to it, They’re all true facts, ain’t made up bullsh*t, That’s the life of a teenager which you can’t deny, I know it hurts but try not to cry, It will all disappear, but not within a year, Future of watching R rated movies is indeed near, So don’t be afraid and try to grab the concept, That you’re still just a lil bitch which you gotta accept. Byes.
  10. Actually "Dangerous" was also supposed to have B-sides. But since there was no space on the album, they released it only with a new booklet. But the supposed tracks to be on the album were "Monkey Business", "Serious Effect", "If You Don't Love Me", and "For All Time" which got leaked over the internet when Invincible released. Then there was "Shout" which released with Cry single. Then an unreleased track "Xscape" leaked over the net. Now the boxset is having tracks like "Cheater", "Scared Of The Moon" and some more new tracks.
  11. So yesterday I went to buy some cassettes of MJ and I hit upon the ultimate jackpot. There was this boxset of Michael which is The Ultimate Collection and it has 4 audio CDs with songs ranging from his entire career and a DVD with his Dangerous concert. Even though I don't have a DVD player, it's worth the buy because I remember renting a VHS of this concert 10 years ago and it was unbelievable!! There is also a book with complete discography and lots and lots of pics. Also there is an animated moonwalk Michael which you can see when you flip the book through. :haha: The highlights of the set are a "We Are The World" demo version with only Michael's vocals on it which is superb. And also "Dangerous" demo version which is totally different from the original and is mindblowing. So even though it was VERY expensive, I still purchased it because it's Michael Mania all over again. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :lolsign:
  12. HOLY SH*T!!!! This is the ultimate news. I love Mike Shinoda and this album has to be one of the best releases of this year.
  13. Two lil wankers trying to be men but falling short, It’s obviously 3 inches down there or something of that sort, Tell me something boys, can you even sustain an erection? Or does it always fall due to premature ejaculation, Oh wait a second, my bad, it couldn’t be possible, Still you’re pre-pubescent, no semen in your testicle, Acting all grown up but you can’t even shave, Razor cutting your smooth skin, girls need to be saved, You guys couldn’t even go to a movie, it was rated R, Had to tag along with Mommie, while she farted in the car. Heard you got grounded for stealing your Dads’ Playboy, And for playing with a stick which is your Mom’s sextoy, Lil bitchies can’t even get arrested for having a drink, Too young for the slammer, your pops cuffed in a blink, Sent to a foster home, you is just a minor, But be on a lookout for molesters behind the diner, So stick to your Hasbros, don’t mess with us men, Or you’d end up like a bunny inside a lions den. Byes. :haha:
  14. Hey, I didn't know you could get this romantic.
  15. Just missed one day, there's so much commotion, You bastards ain't rappers, ain't got the notion, Four wicked rounds, back to back, Saw my homie J-o-e, laying down the track, Dude beat ya'll so hard, you guys had no chance, Rap ain't your thing, try ballet and prance, Gillian Scotty, you're just an embarrasment, Gotta be arrested for rap-game harrasment, Not one verse of yours had any substance, Pointed hat on your head for being a lyrical dunce, Let's all start with the first loser of the list, After your exams, experience my lyrical fist, Fags got the audacity to label me gay, Jacking to his lyrics, so does he say, But bitch forgot one thing, about ass tossing, You mentioned it first, during our crossing, We thought Gil was a bitch, it ain't our fault, But bitch is now a dude, the forums in a halt, Guessing from your verses, can feel your sick fantasy, Likes guys jerking off to ya, ain't that your ecstasy? Atrocious claimings about my rap skill, Brought around now by Will is Ill, Dares to say that I repeat my lines, Lemme break it down to ya like exploding mines, Bitch you're a witness to a lyrical excellence, Bragging rights I got after positive responses, Me and J-o-e are emperors of this rap section, Dictators can't be overthrown, so forget about the election, Something from the past is coming to my mindset, Didn't you jack my line about Ashley Simpson, faggot? Clock showing 3:16, time for my second victim, Imma be a rattlesnake, venomous rhymes gonna strike him, Fool got paralysed, lying on the ground, Knows end is near, without a second round, Just a 14 year old punk kid, trying to be mature, You ain't even got pubes yet, also no girls to lure, The real name is Sid, age twenty two, More handsome than Brad, got pics to prove, Nothing short about me, standing over 6 foot, Try jacking me bitch, you'd be missing a tooth, You'd already known that, if ya checked the forum, But I doubt you're a Will fan, posting's just a fewsome, Nothing homo between me and J-o-e, Proof's your mom cause we banged that ho, Ain't from the same school, we across the bay, Me from Ind-I-A, J-o-e from the United K, Rapping back and forth, killing foes mercilessly, Violence and gore, it always gets messy, Class is dismissed son, had your lesson today, 50 verses over, realise your sexuality gay. Byes. :yeahthat:
  16. So that further proves that I have bad taste in music.
  17. I like Piggy Bank and I Run NY. What can I say, bad taste I guess. And if 50 dissed Will, well, lets just wait for that till I give you my reaction.
  18. Man, yesterday morning I got up, switched on my TV, saw CNN and I just flipped. I don't think I have stopped smiling ever since. That was the BEST DAMN NEWS EVER!!!!!!! I am so happy for Michael. I grew up listening to MJ's albums and I am like a mad huge fan of his everything. He should now just concentrate on regaining his health, spend time with his family and then come out with a mindblowing dope as record. Anyways, I'm planning on buying some of his old cassettes again to support him. MICHAEL IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : :wiggle: :2thumbs: :jazzy: :dj: :smart: :wave: :thumbsup2: :i_won_battle: :4-only1ha: :1-heart-love: :fest29: :fly: :music: :party: :protest: :respect: :spin: :Party_fest09: p.s sorry for the usage of these many smiles. But c'mon, this is one hell of a great news.
  19. But it's not much of a shocker. I was expecting them to split up after Beyonce's album became a super success.
  20. Yo Hero man, could you be kind enough to let us know who your source is?
  21. Obviously Will Smith. He kicks LL's ass anyday.
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