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  1. Yes, you do have the best Will Smith website on the net. But your biggest problem is your website URL with Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince title. The thing is most of the fans now are of Will Smith's, and not of JJFP. In fact, most of my friends know very well who Will Smith is, and they have got atleast one of Will Smith's album, but yet are totally unaware of Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. And the biggest reason for it is that JJFP albums were released in 80's and early 90's and because of it none of their albums are now available in the commercial market. So the generalised audience (excluding the core fans here) with an average age range from 13 to 23, who would have come to know about Will Smith as a performer only after 1997 and who would for most certainly search the internet about Will Smith, were either yet to be born or were way too young to know about Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince. And since most of the audience are into the mainstream commercial music played on MTV, the chances of them catching an old JJFP video is very slim. So basically, if such people came to Google and typed the most common search letters like "Will Smith", "Will Smith Albums" or "Will Smith Mp3s", your site does not show up at all for many pages. And I don't think the less interested fans of Will would like to continue for more than 5 pages. So even if the persons who are slightly interested in Will's music, due to the release of Lost and Found, were browsing the net, I doubt they would come to know about this awesome website. So here's my small suggestion. But before that I just want to say that I know nothing about running websites so I am in no way telling you how to do your job. So please don't hate me for posting this reply. My suggestion is, if possible, why don't you change only your url to something more familiar to the general audience such as "WillSmithfan.com" or "Willsmithfan.net" or something like that. This way, if the newly interested fans who wanted to visit a great site of Will's searched the internet, they could discover your site much more easily. So just a thought. Once again, no hating me for posting this because I really like the site and I only wanted to help out. Peace.
  2. You're wrong, I think. Its hate, not religion, that have caused this. ← Yeah man. This hatred rises mostly on the basis of religious grounds. There are so many psychopaths out there who wants to hurt other people and are crazy enough to justify it on God. I really liked the article Scy posted. Because it's so true, and I can really see God feeling that way.
  3. And it's a nice one too. :2thumbs:
  4. Then Top 10 is a huge possibility by the time the video hits MTV and other channels.
  5. It's sad that all this is happening only due to religious differences. So many horrific violent incidents have occurred only in the name of religion. How sad God would be that this much destruction has occured just to, in a sick twisted way, please him.
  6. It's true what Scy and Wes said. I recognise most of you guys with your avatars. That's why I so many times got confused between Powersyra and Maxfly before because of the same pics they had.:rofl: Now once again I've got to get used to ya'll news pics.
  7. :word: Talking about TV shows has nothin' to do with the "Lost and Found" concept, lol. In my 1st post I thought that we were quoting the song, lol, I'm gonna come up with another one here, great idea Tim, I might have to save some of mine for future use, lol: Lost is when you say something without knowing the facts Then getting embarassed when you realised you were wrong Found is when you research to master your craft And put that knowledge you learned into your song ← Okay. :hmm: Shouldn't the person who started this topic confirmed on these points before? :smart:
  8. Yeah, he always uses different voices while he's singing. Like also in 2 Bad, his voice is much deeper like in 2000 Watts.
  9. Lost is when Wes Borland decided to walk out of Limp Bizkit. Found is when Wes Borland decided to get back with Limp Bizkt.
  10. Maybe Mase came here and voted for himself! :lolsign: ← :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: :rofl:
  11. reborn2reign posted: Well homie, I guess you're right. Because here not much album downloading goes on because it's more expensive than buying a Will Smith cassette. :haha: Anywho, let's just hope that Party Starter is able to create that magic and make people go and buy the reocrd. :2thumbs:
  12. Lost is when Sex And The City was declared no more. Found is when Desperate Housewives was declared a massive hit.
  13. About a few years ago, there were reports in the media that Tintin was actually a homosexual. I know it's too far fetched but I swear I'm not lying. It actually made newspaper headlines that many people suddenly doubted Tintin's sexuality because it seems he never showed any interest in women. There was also another stupid news that Tintin was a Nazi. Sad, isn't it? It's just similar to the news where Spongebob Squarepants was slammed because he was considered gay as he held hands with Patrick most of the time and also because of the way he behaved in the cartoon. Twisted.
  14. Why I ask you pal, WHY?????? :shakehead:
  15. quite likes Christina the teenage soft porn girl. :haha: Hey, you were worried about the rumours, weren't you? :lolsign:
  16. It's about a boy who walks on the borderline of being gay and investigates outrageous crime mysteries and solves them with the help of a dog (which is also in the borderline of being gay :haha: ), two fumbling twins, a dramatic pirate, and few other hysterical characters. Wanna try it?
  17. Regrets paying tribute to FP in her username now. :haha:
  18. I guess by August ending we'd have the new video then. And if it really is as mindblowing as MTV described it, then we have a certified Top 10 single once again.
  19. Hmm :hmm: I disagree with that statement. Don't you think there are some people that downloaded Will's album and decided not to buy it? i do that to some artist's albums too that if we were living in a different age i would definitely buy it. if i can do it, so can other people. so many people download albums these days. there's no doubt in my mind that Will's sales would be higher if it weren't for the piracy of music that exists today. ← Oh okay, I meant at a level of going platinum. That's what I was referring to. What I exactly meant to say was piracy could not have affected the album from going platinum. Atleast that's what I feel. Don't you feel the same way too? :hmm: :smart:
  20. Hmm, why do I feel that this statement was in someway aimed towards me? :hmm: I guess I'm just too paranoid these days. :3-sick1: Oh well, but he still recorded those tracks and made atleast one fan happy. So yeah Will. :2thumbs: I love you. :1-heart-love: :hug:
  21. So not everybody would have been aware of this board then. But music piracy no way declined Will's album sales.
  22. Maxfly posted: I highly doubt music piracy is the reason for sales decline atleast in case of Will. All the big mp3 sites which posts the albums getting leaked immediately, didn't even bother to post Lost and Found even after a whole week of it's official release. Finally, only a few sites put them up and that too in ogg format. The rap forums which leaks out albums of 50 Cent, Eminem, etc. didn't put Lost and Found for atleast a month after it's official release date. Even Switch was available only in very very few places when it got released. So people just aren't interested in a rapper who doesn't cuss.
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