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  1. Beyoncè - Dangerously in love pt2 I LOVE THIS TRACK!!!!!!!!!
  2. Jamiroquai - Runway ( Grant Nelson Remix)
  3. I think It did very well.... But I could have done more with proper promotion. I mean, Releasing party sterter 6 months after switch is not a great idea. I'm sure that if Interscope had released PS in June and then Tell me Why in september, Lost&found would have gone Platinum in U.S.... and maybe we would have had another single ( lost&found or Pump ya brakes)... it's a pity but I'm happy that Will gave us a great album
  4. it was me.... WWW was one of the major success of the fresh prince in Italy..
  5. That's what we all want!!! I love Lost&found but the beats are not the best for me... I prefer Willennium beats or the magnificent ones...Those are classics, true hip hop... the only beat in lost & found that I feel true hip hop is Could u Love me, the others are too different, it's not the kind of sound that I like...
  6. this is the official site!! I've never tought willsmith.com is the offiacial site cuz I dont like the members and it's not complete like this one.. if u go to the official forum u can read "will smith is sexy...I love Will smith"... WTF!!!!! this is the site men!!
  7. Jazzy jeff - Love Savior dope track, one of my best from the magnificent
  8. Name - Dario Guido Age - 24 Location - Born and raised in Lecce, now I live in Rimini JJFP Fan - Huge Will smith Fan since BWS, JJFP fan when I bought Code Red,my first jjfp album Job - I joined The airforce 4 years ago
  9. Julieta Venegas - Me Voy I'm in love with a fantastic girl.... and this song makes me to think to her
  10. I think he cares about sales.. and it's normal, I think u like to see your stuff on the top of charts... we are talknig of a guy who sold 30mil of copies during his career!
  11. this is me last winter, now I changed my hair style
  12. I hope it will be a great movie and Will win an oscar with it
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