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  1. Hi everyone it's been ages for me..... hope your all doing ok. sorry if you've discussed this already but whats happening with Seven Pounds uk premiere? Does anyone know when it is or which cinema it's showing at? :signthankspin:
  2. :yeah: :yeah: Thought the uk people might want to know JJ is playing at Ministry of sound (london) on 3rd march.
  3. Met Will Feb 21st 2005 London Seen JJ&FP perform May 2005 Earls court London :yeah: :2thumbs:
  4. how exciting guys When I seen them last year they were FANTASTIC. Hope you all get tickets to go, you can't miss this! Will having the time of his life, doing what he loves most and being a few meters away and seeing the expression on his face when your screaming his name. Nothing like it in the whole world!!!!! :2thumbs: :yeah:
  5. he thanked us a few times,how good it feels to be appreciated. Cool shirt to. Jada didn :yeah: 't look very happy tho!
  6. Wills been in the rap game for his whole life and he's older now and respects pretty much everyone and while he doesn't agree with the gansta rap it doesn't mean he hates everyone who is involved with it! He knows 50 and Em better than we do so he's a better judge than we are. Em is a very talented rapper. peace
  7. I listened and didn't hear Will, I didn't think Will was in the uk anyway and then Trevor N said he was on........ I'll e-mail Westwood though usually they don't reply. :jada:
  8. Woolworths only take cds if they are sure it's gonna be a top 10 hit.So if they have Will as record of the week that's FANTASTIC!!!! It MIGHT EVEN BE A TOP 5. hurahh!!! That's a great advert for P.S :rofl:
  9. cool thanks Julie, I've e-mailed Radio1 but as usual nothing back.
  10. I heard Radio 1 play Switch once and I e-mailed them to ask why and didn't get any response. I'm now gonna e-mail them again and ask about Party Starter!!! Until they are REALLY SICK of me. LOL :1-say-yes:
  11. trac


    cool thanks :1-say-yes:
  12. Did anyone in the uk see the Will Smith special on T4 Sunday. I missed it..... I don't think they're showing it again. So if anyone could let me know that would be great. :1-say-yes:
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