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  1. Check it out! My homie just dropped this video for his upcomming album, thought I would share it with ya'll. Any feedback is appreciated! http://vimeo.com/4584347
  2. Never heard of Group Home?? They were mad dope! Supa Star is my jointttttt. Premo produced that, as well as a few other tracks for them. Supa Star was even on Grand Theft Auto 4 I think.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqydlWjSe_w Guess they sped Dres part up to avoid copyright violation...still dope track. This is the type of slim shady I like.
  4. Word thats dope!! It crazy that there is still Rock the House records around, hopefully they're in good shape. I actually was digging through the crates a few weeks ago, when I found A Nightmare on My Street Single and Ring My Bell single records, which were only $8 total for both.
  5. Cool stuff but I'm a little surprised to not see one track from Code Red...
  6. Boston wins........HELL YEAH....Good game too.
  7. Good luck Brakes, you got my vote.
  8. I don't know about other countries, but "dabs" is what they call it in the US. Most teens and up greet each other with: "What Up?!" and a "dab". Similar to 30s and up: "Hows it going/How've you been" and a firm handshake. I don't know how its referred to in other countries tho, or it might even be called something else in other parts of the US. But universally I think people know what it is.
  9. "Dabs" is the same form of what Jazz & Will did back in the day on the show. Dabs, in case you don't know, is basically a greeting handshake (usually between two younger people).
  10. "De La Soul are releasing their new music on April 28 as part of the NIKE+ campaign. The 45 minute long track, which will be released in partnership with Apple, was written specifically for runners, but can be enjoyed by active and sedentary music fans alike. Kevin "Posdnuous" Mercer says working on the tracks and wanting to get the pacing right motivated him to work out more. "I've dabbled in running before, but I got back in to it and would run to test it out," he says. "Nike also has a team of runners on staff who listen to it and give us their opinion." (Billboard)" http://www.sohh.com/2009/04/de_la_soul_double_up_rele.html http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/kit-eaton/...feet-moving-run http://adage.com/madisonandvine/article?article_id=136195 ------------- Thoughts? Wonder what they will sound like on this, one of the articles said they are gonna be touring while working on the next full album.
  11. He ain't a teacher, he is student who blew up off a college party anthem.
  12. Never listened to parents just don't understand before? haha "And this girl's hand was steadily moving up my thigh She had opened up three buttons on her shirt so far I guess that's why I didn't notice that police car We're doing ninety in my Mom's new Porsche..." Dope video! FP seemed like he would be the funnest/funniest person to hang out with.
  13. Completely agree ^^ Doesn't make any sense to me to say its worse than WWW. 7P is one Wills best performances in my opinion, but its one those films you either hate or love for the most part.
  14. Growing up, I never really listened to music much. But as a kid, I remember riding around with my sisters listening to the hip hop they played in their cars. I enjoyed some of the songs, but never really got into it. I was a big Fresh Prince fan as a early teen, and I knew my cousin had a few Will Smith cds. He didn't really want them anymore cause he parents hated hip hop, so he gave me Willenium and Big Willie Style. I remember popping Willenium in and listening to Pump Me Up, and thinking how amazing Jeffs scratching was. I immediately became hooked (I was 15yrs old), and slowly bought all the JJFP albums. I started looking for music that related, checking out mix cds with JJFP tracks in them. Groups like Naughty by Nature and ATCQ caught my attention, and then I just started researching more and more. Listening to music was a daily routine after that. A year later, I was curious about how they made this music that I loved. Some how I heard about a computer program called FL Studio aka Fruity Loops, decided to try it out and I loved being able to create my own stuff. Never looked back since, music became my life, decided this is what I want to do with my life, and have been making beats for over 3yrs as well as learning to DJ and write rhymes.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeSPq_js8gk Skillz started a little thing called Hip Hop Confessions, where he sits down with djs/producers/artists and talks about hip hop in all honesty.
  16. Word congrats and have a good time on the honey moon!
  17. Someone should rip an mp3 off this!! Very "Hes the DJ" like, mad dope. It even goes into Pump Me Up, about 11 years before they recorded the actual Pump Me Up on Willenium. Wow. Jeff even cut up the Amen break!
  18. DJ JAZZY JEFF: Beyond the Sound: Winter Music Conference Just a new video of Jeff rockin the crowd, plays his usual set for the most part. Looks like a lot of peeps... Even plays a little MIB too... http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoid=54842891
  19. Wow, do people even enjoy movies these days????? I know I still do.
  20. Word! I think I heard some girls kinda screech when he said "and so I grabbed her butt..." hahaha
  21. Worked with the new link!! Props!! I'm gonna be bumping this for a looong time.
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