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  1. Yo this doesn't work for me for some reason, what program do you need to unzip it. Could you load it up in a rar or zip folder? Looks mad ill, can't peep it though.
  2. This looks right up my alley...i'm gonna have to splurge on this sooner or later. Dope, appreciate it!
  3. This is soooo illll, Jazzy is at his finest. Yeah, lets hear some rhymes from him on his next release! That would be hella dope.
  4. Isn't working for me... Edit- finally got it to work, can't wait to peep this...
  5. Word, everything will work out for the best...good luck though with everything!
  6. Word, that doesn't look right for some reason...if it really is a real picture, than he is definitely going back to his old style when he first got into the game. Are you sure thats a new picture?? Looks like it could be from the late 90s...
  7. hahaha good clip bro, I knew he did this but never really looked for it too.
  8. Read through the thread again, with the exception of Tim, no-one is really having a pop at you dude. Its just hella funny :lolsign: What about ant? Dude seemed pretty pissed too haha. Don't shoot the messenger! Shoot the message...wait...
  9. I have this game!!!! I play it all the time, never knew it was in it. Gonna try it out next time for sure!
  10. Excursions - I like how he incorporated that, dope! Never really listened to House music before.
  11. Looks pretty dope bro! I should try to cook something up my self... I'll post it if it comes out half way decent.
  12. Yo this is definitely a remake, sounds very different from the original even tho its hard to tell due to the crappy youtube quality. But it does come pretty close but with a more processed keyboard sound. If you heard that same track not up on youtube, then it would be easy to tell.
  13. Good beat bro. But I can't say I was feeling this as much as everyone else just to be honest...but I did like the vocals on the chorus, the fresh prince sample was definitely dope. Nice work though, its just not really my flav.
  14. Happppppy Birthdayyyyy toooo yoouuu.......have fun!
  15. I like how you start off the thread in first person, and then go straight to writing in 3rd person. Do you usually do that when you talk to peeps? bart5 usually doesn't... That song sounds pretty good, bart5 thinks KB's vocals are nice.
  16. I saw this movie last week and I thought it was dope overall! I think it was definitely put together well, even tho like you mentioned Tiger they skipped over some parts they shoulda had in it. I think it was cool to get a first hand look at his life though. I recommend it to all hip hop fans!
  17. I'm digging the sounds, but I think it isn't a good marketing strategy to say that your **** is an all time classic and one of the best of '08 without having anything to back it up. Honestly it just makes you seem a little big headed yo, be a little bit more humble and cats might take notice.
  18. Season 4, episode 88: Who's the Boss Buy the dvd yo! You can watch it here for free online, but support FPOBA: http://www.freshprincetv.com/88.html
  19. Yes!!!! Now I know exactly what I need to keep my marriage in place... Now I only need a marriage, any advice on that johnright?
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