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  1. Thats pretty funny but it kinda makes the Simpson's look desperate for attention IMO...
  2. Smells like a fresh can of spam to me...although that group sounds tight..
  3. Agreed! Sounds tight, the more extras the better...
  4. haha thanks for the birthday wishes! Definitely appreciate it. Numero 20 this year and its all downhill after 21 lol. I'm around the boards, but I don't post as much for some reason. Need to contribute more~ Thanks again friends
  5. Yo all this sounds tighttt, gonna have to think of a contribution. Maybe I might do a mix of all the tracks on the final playlist on my turntables, record it all up and just see how it turns out...just something for fun and for some practice haha.
  6. Dopeeee, definitely my flava..RIP Baatin...
  7. I got Willenium for $10 awhile back, and I found the Ring My Bell and Nightmare On My Street Singles for under $10 each while digging in a record shop. Definitely plan to get more as I find them in person.
  9. 2nd leak off of Phil of the Future II - Nasty Nash... http://illroots.com/2009/08/04/phil-nash-nasty-nash/
  10. Happy birthday homie! Time for you to wild out... :bump2:
  11. Word thats crazy that hes dead. Very talented, wonder if Slum Villa will continue? R.I.P.
  12. Yo thanks FuQ, always love the feedback. I feel ya 100%, the more I work at my flow the more natural it will come. That was actually my second song I actually fully finished recording, not counting a few different takes and such. Just gotta get the practice in, haha but I don't think there is even a chance of blowin up like ye' ever lol. I'm just gonna keep at what I'm doing and see where it goes, who knowes with the right connections where the music could go.
  13. Skills: Fresh Prince, hit single before he graduated highschool. Lyrics: Rakim is a better lyricist IMO. Flow: Too difficult but I'll give it to Ra. His flow was unparallel back when. FP will always be my favorite MC, but I think Rakim left a bigger impact. Rakim gets my vote.
  14. Word thanks bro! Yeah smooth chilled out beats are definitely the type of style I go for, nothin like something you can just kick back to. I hear ya on the snare, it probably could hit a little bit harder. I might layer it a little more for the final album version. I gotta check out some of your stuff Lugie-, haven't heard your beats in awhile. Good looks!
  15. Yeah I feel ya, thanks for feedback! I'm still working on the way I sound and flow, and I do mainly stick to the production side of things as far as my music goes. I know I need to add the energy to my voice but I think the more comfortable I get behind the mic, the more natural it will come. Still going for that chill vibe, especially with how deep my voice is. Probably will rerecord this sometime again for the final album cut. Work in progress, but i think it will turn out. Thanks again bro!
  16. Any other feedback? Always can use some constructive criticism...
  17. Looks cool, might have to check it. Love that new super smash too Kev, but I still rock the original on a dialy basis.
  18. Guess you didn't know that the reason he got into Digital Underground was through a 12 yr old-ish rich white girl who liked his demo, so her dad set up the meeting with 2pac and Shock G...haha just saying...and the poor pregrnant women was a reference to "Brendas Got a Baby", a song about pregnant women in the hood struggling to make it by. My point was he could relate to anyone that has struggled in their life. Plus just the fact alone that he was able to create that much music in such a short period, amazes me dude weather he intended to release it or not...its cool fresh, everyones got their own opinion. Just was stating mine. Back to the main topic!
  19. nah i dont think his music it was so revolutionary ..if there was no 2pac in the game it wont be a big diff in the rap right now , but without RUN DMC PE JJFP RAKIM and LL and 2/3songs and Kool Herc now that will be a big problem, "just" 2pac make the greastest combination of all in one hip hop artist :) and about "He was able to reach and appeal to almost anyone regardless of age, race or gender" that can say and for other mcs I disagree bro, buts its all good. I don't think everyone could relate to those artists...although they paved the way and do deserve all the respect for what they have done for hip hop. I like all of those artists. but... Not to make this a discussion or nothin but 2pac did change a lot for hip hop, he really has influenced soooooooo many rappers with his lyrical skill. I think if he pretty much caused a hate between the two coasts than he had a lot of impact. He helped change (as well as NWA and others) the freedom of speech for music albums, being originally banned from many stores for the cursing. He spoke against that. Pac made an impact on people being able to relate to anyone from poor pregnant single women in the hood, to white suburban culture, to millionaires athletes. Not to mention the amount of material he did in his 25 yr life, he still has albums dropping 10 years later....
  20. Chuck D is a legend and all but I'd have to say 2pac would be the main artist for hip hop...you can't deny how revolutionary his muisc was. He was able to reach and appeal to almost anyone regardless of age, race or gender. I can't name another hip hop artist that has done that.
  21. Thanks for the feedback bro, appreciate that a lot! I forgot to mention in the first post that its gonna be a producers album, trying to showcase all the talented emcees that I've been able to work with (FuQ lets get down on somethin fresh!). I'll have a couple tracks that I spit on though, this one included.
  22. Wanted to share a new track that's gonna be the title track off my debut solo producers album, Quality Over Quantity, droppin later this year (most likely). Let me know what you think!! http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7867518 or www.reverbnation.com/qualitydjq or www.myspace.com/qualitydq
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