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  1. Beethoven. Mozart. Bach...greatest composers of music, ever.
  2. Thats what I'm talking about :clap:
  3. Wonder what happened to those groups he was talking about though...Underground Railroad and Nothing Gold.
  4. He had to grow up fast...taking care of his sister, brother and sometimes his mom. Great interview, he always reminds me of the Michael Jordan of hip hop. The GOAT.
  5. I'm feeling it bro!! Good ish, keep it up. You should think of getting some of them recorded.
  6. Thats sick, Ra always holds it down...
  7. haha you could say the whole BWS album isn't talked about too much except around here, the whole feeling of it is timeless. Perfectly described where he was at in his life. No More is one of my faves, soo deeep. The Rain will always be a fav too. Damn its crazy, I've always loved his whole catalog. List goes on and on...wouldn't even be into music if it weren't for him and Jeff, thats why I'll always rep them, no matter what anyone else thinks of their music.
  8. Sounds good Tim! Otherwise everything else looks great like the features and such.
  9. Which ones were that?? I don't think I've heard of them...
  10. Guess I'm the only 1 not really feeling the new layout too much. I liked the black skin too much I guess haha.
  11. Yeah I listened to some of it, but haven't bought it yet. Illa's album was 08 though, so you can't really say that he has stuff out every month. Dilla is the MAN, still has quality material coming out years after his death. Kinda reminds me of the amount of work Pac did while he was alive, to be able to do that much material is amazing to me.
  12. Any1 cop it yet? Just came out today. Looks like all unreleased beats and tracks, some classic material. PR mixed it too. Features include Black thought, Bun B, Blu, MF Doom, Raekwon, Frank Witty + more. Easily my favorite album of the year by far. DOPE!!
  13. Kung Fu is one of my favorite TV shows of all time, dude was a legend in my eyes. RIP.
  14. ODB MF Doom Madlib Chuck D Buckshot Pos (De La) Warren G Bizzy Bone PMD
  15. Wow gotta be the highest quality of those videos I've seen based off those pictures. Thanks for sharing homie!
  16. Yay a calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: wait, it doesn't work...
  17. Which track is your favorite Tim?? Gotta hear the 1 a plus produced yo.
  18. True, his last album wasn't that great. But I'd say this album is pretty dope, atleast give it a listen! Del has always put out quality material though.
  19. Who woulda guessed a handshake would be so inspiring ^^
  20. So.......free del tha funky homosapien album?????? http://delthefunkyhomosapien.bandcamp.com/...timulus-package Wondering why no one has talked about it on here yet, crazy that this is what the industry is coming too (artists not making $ off music??). Good to hear a solid release from Del though! Definitely feeling it.
  21. Thought I'd just bump this once, check it out if you haven't!
  22. Word, beautiful is mad dopee! I'm waiting for the rest of the album to drop though.
  23. Even thought Kel Spencer isn't from Philly, he still put him on Da Butta which was Kel's first well known song.
  24. Yeah thanks for the response! Hes doing some real good work, I'm helping promote for his album and such. I actually have worked on a few tracks with him, got some good stuff going. Check it out for more music of his: http://www.myspace.com/benqmusic
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