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  1. Ya I guess you can say i'm pissed and i'm pretty much gonna cut some Canadian bacon tonight! Ha, it's arite, that's just one person's opinion and that shouldn't change the opinion of the one that actual appreciates Will's music. There's obviously people that won't like it, but then there's the fans that actually do. They know where he's been, where he's coming from, and it makes sense to us. J.Lo's Get Right remix is definetly tight better than the original. Maybe Will will make a remix of Switch?
  2. That's agreed, I definetly think Will doesn't need to resort to having other artists just to help his sales.
  3. YES, thank you I finally saw the movie Hitch. I LOVED IT, I absolutly adored the storyline, the characters, and the climax of the movie. Will once again proves he can do pretty much anything (especailly when it comes to movie roles). I noticed he used the line "You don't know where you're going, till' you know where you've been" that was classic Will2K video haha. Of course I have to see it again. OF COURSE.
  4. I dunno if he's produced it but he's not bad of a rapper. If you've seen Kanye's work you know he's a pretty decent producer, I get that just because he is big now it doesn't mean everything he does will be big, but I am just saying big producers don't become big by chance, it takes talent to the project.
  5. I'm glad we got such loyal fans here, they got everything and anything about Will on lock down. hahah, thanks guy.
  6. That's kinda over priced eh? I don't think I'd ever spend that much money for a Will Smith song I already have, ggeeez how do they make a profit off of that?
  7. Hey who said anything about dumping his tracks? I don't think so...HOPE NOT.
  8. Will was on ET breifly talking about his new movie Hitch and his promotion in Rio De Jinero. They showed Eva and Will during the celebrations there or whatever was held. Oh and I dunno when it's showing but sometime this weekend or Monday there's a hip hop history going on. A bunch of old school rappers and new just talk about the history of hip hop.
  9. That's tight, I'm glad Will goes to pretty much every continent to promote and visit the people there. But that's werid he didn't visit the other place in S. America...Perhaps he is a busy man and could only do so many places.
  10. I hope this isin't becoming some rap fued, rumored by the fans lol. I doubt Will will really "battle" Em, just send a little sum sum to his way.
  11. No, never directly I don't think. He had some respect for him during his earlier days, but I dunno about now.
  12. Ya, I must say Will is always ahead of the game and he knows what he's doing. I can honestly say by his music he is smart, knows how to express himself in the most unique ways as far as rap style goes.
  13. Nice, I get more and more stoked everytime I see his song playing somewhere. Hopefully they will start playing it on radio in the U.S.
  14. Those are pretty tight wallpapers. I saved them and now I will use them instead the O.C. for my back ground ahha, thanks.
  15. I actually liked that article on Will. It's kinda inspiring as far as life goals go and how to treat a women. I think all of us guys should always think thoroughly as far as life changing desicions go.
  16. Babyface-When Men Grow Old I suggest this song on days when you lose sight of what's important about love.
  17. (Three posts In A Row) haha, does anyone have some programs to record radio streams such as these? I have a mac, if you know of any let us Mac users know. OR if you've already recorded the two streams send it to me. Thanks.
  18. Ya I think his voice matured a bit over the albums but it's not a big enough change to make me think of it as "darker" or lighter...Anyways, I've always appealed to his voice, that's just half the reason why I like his music.
  19. Essentially it depends on the person's taste. I honestly thought Willenium was not bad of an album, not my favorite but I did love So Fresh's bass bumpin in my car, and also stuff like the Rain, Afro Angel...they lyrically sent meaningful messages that I could really feel. It all depends on the person really. Opinions shouldn't bother you because after all they are just opinions.
  20. hahah actually scratch that, I can definetly tell when Jazz mixes it up as you listen to more and more of the music he plays, he starts scratching and mixing, mixing and scratchin, it's TIGHT. I like how he threw in Stevie Wonder. Stevie is the man.
  21. ahah what a guy. I would have thought the opposite with his love life in high school but I guess not...haha, I bet the girl of his dreams is prolly out there saying he had a crush on me in high school I could have got with him! But not really...haha too bad. It just goes to show how some girls never give some good guys the time of day!
  22. House music is pretty tight, but since I haven't heard some of the songs I don't know when Jeff mixes them or not.
  23. Sweet, I'll be there that's for sure. Do you know what time or anything specific?
  24. Sounds like our boy Will lol! hopefully Will doesn't hate on Eminem too much making him look like the "bad guy." I'm sure he won't but that review makes Will seem desperate to make it known he's not a pop/hip hop artist. Just stick with what you are Will! Peace peeps.
  25. Ya it's called "You Saw My Blinker B*tch", I dunno if you can really call that a cuss word depending on the way you use it. ahha, obviously Will isn't using it the other way and he's really trying to offend. I think that's as far as he could go without using any real "bad" words...actually who really knows what a bad cuss word is? Is there really such thing as a bad or a good one? There's not really any way to tell that and I think it was a word that was not totally sure if it was real bad or not. Complicating because there's no rule book on that. It's different for different people-I think. Anyways, that one episode you're talking about, I don't know which season it's from but that's a really really good one. The point where I realized how good of an actor really was.
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