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  1. heeey thanks much brah, is there like a rap version that wyclef made like in the 90's too?
  2. I was listening to a jazz station and heard what sounded like Will Smith's "1,000 Kisses." Can anyone think of the artist and song that was the original to 1,000 Kisses? Get at me thanks! :help:
  3. Hey sorry guys, I don't even think is the appropriate forum to be asking but I was wondering if anyone remembers that dj jazzy jeff video that I think AJ or someone posted that linked to a website and basically he was mixing up all these diff tracks like oldies soul and I think a few modern but classics. Does anyone remember this? If any of you do, is there any way to put that into a music file, I'd love to play that in my car or ipod. This would be such an awesome thing if someone did that. THANKS. :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wiggle:
  4. Hey sorry i'm sure this topic is posted somewhere on the website but i can't find where exactly. I was wondering if anyone listened to the podcast with all those independent artists and where the link is, I like one of the songs on it and ya, just lemme know thanks. :kool2:
  5. "All The Things Your Man Won't Do"-Joe this song is probably the ultimate slow jam to get in the mood. It's tight, check it out. :davidblaine: :davidblaine: :davidblaine: :2thumbs:
  6. It might be that extended version you're talking about, but then again "Can't Wait To Be With You (remix)" sounds tight lol, anyone have those?
  7. SUUP everyone, I was listening to this song today and I remembered that when DJ JJ+FP radio was still on or maybe it still is i dunno, but there was a remix of this song that was like more R&B sounding playing it was sooo smoooth does anyone know what i'm talking about? Anyone have it? where could I get it if not? thanks :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:
  8. tight ass remix bro, you synch-ed everything in pretty well aweeesome creation.
  9. "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss"- P.M. DAWN they are hella classic and smooth r&b I'd recommend only someof their songs tho lol.
  10. Does anyone know the original song Will Smith used for the song "Getting Jiggy With It"? It's been driving me inssaaaaane tryna figure that out. I'm sure one of you guys have to know your funk roots here. Get back at me, payce.
  11. I Would Love You Still- by KAI. Hawaiian-pop it's not bad. Old school.
  12. Ya you got it Lerkot. Thanks bro, but I was wondering if someone could copy that into a mp3 so I could just load it on a cd or ipod. Can someone help me out here? Get back to me, thanks. :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:
  13. Hey, sorry to make you guys think I had some downloaded Jazzy jeff clips but I was wondering if anyone knew what i was talking about. Someone put up a post like a while ago with Jazzy Jeff mixing a whole bunch of stuff and the link took you to another website where you saw a video of him mixing and a guy just saying "what" "ya" and not really rapping just on the side. Anyone know what i'm talking about? :poke: :confused3: :wiggle:
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