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  1. Could someone please upload it again? I haven't seen this in a very long time and i can't find it on youtube. They only have the part where they're dancing with Thomas. Or maybe someone could upload the whole thing on youtube aswell?
  2. Please, someone post a link. I wanna hear this Album!!!
  3. You know what would push his album sales? A Lost And Found Re-Release! He should record a new song for the special sdition, Usher did it with My Boo! It became a smah-hit, and hepled him to push the Confessions sales to 9 Millions copies in the United States, and over 13 Millions copies worldwide. Will could go 2X Platinum. Party Starter needs a better Video than Switch. But Tell Me Why has to be a Masterpiece-Video. All he got to do is to record a new Song, and put the Videos all in a DVD! Or Interscope creates a DualDisc, they are more comfortable :2thumbs: . But a DVD is a DVD, so you HAVE TO put some Bonus on it. PERFECT!!!
  4. I don't think that Will can win Rap Song of the Year! Maybe Best Rap Perfomance, but not Rap Song. And Lost And Found will not win Rap Album of the Year. I Bet Kanye or Common will do it. And Record of the year...Really, i don't think that he'll even get nominated for that Song. It is a great Song, but for the grammys :shakehead:. I've seen to many masterpieces not nominated for a grammy, and some of them were 5 times better than Tell Me Why.
  5. He gotta release the second Single in the USA. Lost And Found drops every single week! Will can make good videos: Freakin' It, Will 2K, Miami...Switch was not that good. I hope that Tell Me Why will include a great video, because it's a great song. If he every releases Tell Me Why.
  6. Yes, it may not be a great Song, but Switch is a great Single. I knew that he would hit the Top 10 worldwide, cause it's more a commercial Song. I don't really belive that people will love Songs like Tell Me Why, or Pump Ya Brakes. But it will push the Albumsales, that's all.
  7. I think the second single shouldn't be a Clubsong. Tell Me Why is the perfect second single. Then Party Starter and Lost And Found. I hope Loretta will also get a chance to be released as a single! Just imagine how the Video would be like.
  8. Lost And Found will easily hit the Top 10. Believe me :dancingcool: .
  9. Black Suits Comin' also reched #4 in Germany. I hope it won't fall the next 3 weeks!
  10. Kanye is not overrated! He's getting better.
  11. Nah that's not Luda sayin' "Big Willie"
  12. "Why should i try to sound like y'all sound?!" Will Smith - Lost And Found :antlers: You can't say that every Neptunes Beat is off the hook! Or you can't say every Michael Jackson Song is a classic! Will picked the right Beats for his Album! You don't have to work with Big names to make good music!
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