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  1. I like that video by Will Smith, it showed his father side and also how meaningful his songs could actually get. Get that video up here! Let us know, peace. :peace: :peace: :peace:
  2. ooops, didn't notice the double post...my bad.
  3. Thanks, we all appreciate the time you put into putting these vids up! Thanks a bunch and by the way, maybe you guys could try find will 2k? Thanks a bunch, peace. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  4. Thanks, we all appreciate the time you put into putting these vids up! Thanks a bunch and by the way, maybe you guys could try find will 2k? Thanks a bunch, peace. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Thanks I haven't seen this video in like a year. I love the vibe this video gives off, it's real 90's. Thanks!!! :afro: :afro: :afro: :dancingcool:
  6. Ya if anyone has any Tatyana Ali vids, please put them up. I especially would like to request for "Boy You Knock Me Out" with Will Smith. Classic vid of the 90s. :thumb: :dancingcool: :thumb:
  7. We've Only Just Begun/Let's Staty Together- Al Green (R&B Old School GENIUS) :thumb:
  8. I've checked out singingfool before and i love how they still have a lot of old school vids. Thanks for sharing them up here. Just to make sure, you can't actually copy the videos you just posted on this post right, such as the Boom Boom Shake The Room or I Wanna Rock. Anyways, thanks again. :peace:
  9. JUST GOT IT TODAY Premier date in US, haha I felt sooo tired in classes today but I still managed to pick this cd up after class! pretty tight I must say, I also like how he put a hidden track on the end (not my favorite track tho). It's not bad, some of his songs are hilarious when he talks about Eminem, about being a nice guy haha (lyrically) it's funny, but it's still the same smooth Will I know and love. My fav tracks are R&B remix, Could U Love Me, Pump Ya Breaks, If You Can't Dance, Party Starter...you know what, they are all pretty tight!!! :dancingcool: :dance: :dance: :dance: :switch: :switch: :switch: :clap2: :clap3: :clap3: :clap3: :jazzyinthehouse: :jazzyinthehouse: :jazzyinthehouse: :multibow: :multibow: :multibow: I am soo glad this cd finally released! after waiting like two years, finally Big Will is back. Pick up the cd if you haven't already.
  10. Ya you guys that live in the UK are lucky cause Will usually does the extra tracks and releases it to only you guys...but i guess it goes the same for us because I don't think you had "Nothing On My Mind" on the B2R album. If anyone has the Shaggy & Will collabo, then you should post it up so we can all hear the song. Peace. :thumb:
  11. Now that's what I call a feel-good video for the summer. Thanks!! :wiggle: :thumb: :thumb: :wiggle:
  12. yoroscooby! haha thanks for thatone I needed a quick laugh :kekeke:
  13. That's awesome news! i'm stoked and after being off this website for a week I missed all the Will news. But i'm glad he's numero dos! :ali: :ali: :ali:
  14. :kekeke: ahha, yup Carlton definetly has a good style while dancing but at the same time it's goofy as hell... Will just plain dances like he doesn't care about a thing, i love that as well. But, when Carlton does his "It's Not Unusual" dance I can't help but get up and do that myself. hahaha, hilarious. :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke:
  15. Check out "Brand New Jones" or "When I Get U Alone" by Thicke, they are pretty fly r&b songs. His influences include Stevie Wonder and a lot of the oldies stuff. I heard him a couple summers ago, sounds a little like Justin Timberlake. For sure, a remix with Ursher would be hella tight. ROCK AWAY ROCK AWAY and cut. :kool:
  16. I think you should seriously let us download this video, I love the mix Jazzy is doing. Maybe you can let it so only audio can be downloaded...either way it's a tight song to workout too please let me know if you do. :wiggle:
  17. I think we should just have a members only forum...I've gotten tired of the bittin' myself. :chuks:
  18. THIS BOY IS SMOOTH, ahha I love the R&B the best, just because I love R&B a lot. I can't wait to hear the whole thing. :dancingcool:
  19. FUNNY, haahh i kinda like that guitar behind that song pretty tight. THANKS. :cwm: :cwm: :cwm:
  20. This is not too bad of a remix...I like the original better tho. It's definetly different and I could hear this playing in a club.
  21. hahaha, well you don't know if she was excited or not...I mean some people express excitement differently. She was holding it in hahahha.
  22. Oh I'll blast summertime as I come back from Spring Break, which is in a couple weeks. I feel what you guys are saying tho, Summertime is definetly a jam for the summer. Why is summer just such the perfect time of year? I dunno, not as much worries, almost care-free ALMOST, the "slimies" do dress shorter and the weathers just lovelier...That's the one song I try to listen for the radio to play just because I know a lot of people love that song, and if it plays I feel like JJFP did their part as far as music goes and impacted my city enough to keep it a tradition. So far it's play all the summers I've been there (Washington). The video is nice and nostalgic, but just nostalgic to the point where it shows the urbs and city, bbq, kids out of school. That song gives me so many memories of summer it's not even funny...hahah ok now i'm just ranting on and on, welp yal know what I mean. peace.
  23. I finally saw Will's video "Switch" on VH1, I WAS STOKED!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  24. Hook us up AJ! haha, oh my numero 100 post sweet! :lolsign: :clap:
  25. "Blue Jeans (Remix)"-Yasmeen & Ghostface Killa w/ Dj Jazzy Phae
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