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  1. :fingersx: Whoo, that's some great news, let's just hope it gets on the top 5 albums when it comes out, which I think it should.
  2. I know your intentions are good but the way you talk about how Will has to make it here in order to have success is just down right misconceptual. You're right we don't have a daddy that works for Fox, that's fine, but you don't know Will and you don't know what affects his descisions to make more music. :ali: But I hope we're still friends. :thumb:
  3. Kid, that was tight. I liked the lyrics, I wish it ryhmed better but I mean all in all 3/5. :thumb:
  4. :bang: Ok Mimi, the credibility that your dad worked in the movie industry overseas and U.S. doesn't really give any relevant facts to if what you are saying is true. For all we know he was probably a small time company anyway and just because your dad says that doesn't mean it goes for everyone; that's just his opinion. Honestly people, why does it matter if Will makes it better overseas or U.S.? does it prove that the U.S. is better? What are you really tryna prove? Is the overseas better? No. I live in the U.S. I admit that if you make it in the music industry here it is more of an advantange overall but it doesn't determine whether or not an artist will make it anywhere. Will is already popular and doesn't need more sales in the U.S. to tell him if he should make more albums or not. Drop the damn subject it's stupid and we won't agree, only to disagree.
  5. :clap: That's tight man! Do you have any shirts left that you are generously willing to give me OR sell me? hahah just a question. :lolsign:
  6. You should put up the video I think that would be hella funny!!! :lookhehe: You should put up a pic with you and will together! I'm sooo jealous ahhaha, I wanna meet his guy!
  7. Brand New Funk (Live At Nassau Coliseum) - who else but the tightest MC and DJ "Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince"
  8. Oh man, I am jealous for real. hahaha, but that's cool that you got that autograph and the chance to meet Will. Wasn't there a swarm of people therE>? He still had time for your auto.? That's even more tight. Anyways, hope he does something around the Washington area so I can meet him! Peace.
  9. For real I can agree with that, Aunt Viv 1 was a better actor and I think I favor her most just because she was in so many memorable episodes (same goes for the second) but I dunno she did more memorable things.
  10. That's what usually happens when new material from an artists comes out tho...it generates into rumors and it's hard not to think of what the album might be like (expectations are either high or low). Of course even tho it's been said so many times it's almost a cliche' but it's definetly true: the true fans understand Will and the type of music he makes. No matter what the outcome (reviews, etc.) we appreciate it anyway.
  11. I'm jealous hahah, you should have got a picture with him like "hey uhh can i just get a little... (SNAP) hahah"
  12. Feeling in a low mood and I have to thank this girl named Kendra for that. The song is called "Another Sad Love Song" by Toni Braxton. She's such a soulful R&B artists. Check it out sometime. :happysad:
  13. AHHAH, ok ok AJ you can calm down. :cya: Here's one for ya: "My mouth does this werid thing when i think of rap music today"
  14. Eva is gorgeous. I don't think any other woman stikes me hard as this gal, hahah i'm sooo infatuated by her. Ok ok I'll calm myself now. LOL :nhawong:
  15. I like your storyline and how it's based on a truel story. For some reason it sounded like "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" maybe it's just me but ya. Just need to improve with some rhymes and perhaps sentence fluency. Good trying tho! 2.5/5
  16. I don't see why they can't...werid. for real :dunno: I'm gald Will is making his single known in the charts.
  17. OOOOH, I heard of this guy. Came out like a year or two ago with this tight song called "When I Get You Alone" It's really R&B, his influences are people like Stevie Wonder. I like his voice, if anyone wants to hear a song from him pm me or instant message. Definetly will sound good if it has his voice for an R&B version. For REAL.
  18. so think...ok I told you it was goofy. So tell me what this "Caption Contest VXIX..." is...
  19. haha, I read on those foreign websites of the track listings and was confused by the title: "I Wish I Made Shat" , but soon quickly realized it was "that". I was under the impression that Mary J. Blige's "Got To Be Real" was gonna be on it but if there's another track they made then that's ever betta. I'm so stoked for this album!!!
  20. So...this is a caption contest or...I don't get it...you want us to critique if we agree that it's funny? I think it's goofy I dunno what it pertains to tho...
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