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  1. It's definetly "different" and "unexpected" like he said but even if it's so I don't really care it's not gonna stop me from listening to his music. :scared2:
  2. :switch: :switch: :switch: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ :switch: :switch: :switch:
  3. :dj: JJ FP List As Follows: 1.Summertime 2.I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me) 3.Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble. ok ok the 3rd song always changes but the top two will prolly always be the same.
  4. :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke: :thumb: ahha "If You Think I'm Sexy"-Rod Stewart ahah no seriously it's a good oldies song.
  5. Hey guys i am just throwing this idea out in the open but, would it be possible for a store on this site with unoffical stuff like posters or old school JJ FP shirts?ahahha i'm sure it would cost hella money and wouldn't have anyone to do it but I was just thinking it would be tight if that ever happened. I don't think Will's ever had a store with stuff other than dvds and music.
  6. :chuks: ha well i agree totally, i'm glad that the dvd even came out in the first place. I was wondering if I had to vhs record every episode just so i can watch FP anytime i wanted. Of course they should have a blooper reel because you remember on a lot of the later episodes they had little clips of bloopers at the end of each show? Ya, pretty tight I know they will have more stuff in the later seasons. Well let's just hope that they will ahah.
  7. What up? I'm from the US. I've noticed that too, a lot of the people here are from the UK, but it's cool, they are like family too! Anyways, the last I heard of Will's album is that it went GOLD but nothing after that. Oh and I think some gangsta rap sounds arite but most of the time it's just too ghetto and about really the same stuff, seriously. It's no joke, every song literally tries to bash on another rapper, talk about weed, or drinking and having sex. Real disgusting what rap has come to. I'm glad Will is still in the game tho. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  8. B-Sides (3): 1. Holla Back 2. If you count "Nothing On My Mind" because I have it on my B2R cd..OR Get Hyped 3. From Da South
  9. I don't think Just Cruisin' was ever on Big Willie Style. It was on his DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Greatest Hits and...MIB 1 soundtrack...and ya...but the remix is a little different I think not so much lyrics but beat and music. You might have to check that with Tim or someone who might know better. I've never heard a collabo Will had with Shaggy, that might be interesting. Are you sure it's Will? :dunno:
  10. Of course it's where he's born; Philadelphia. hahaha, he prolly loves it everywhere he visited (I mean wouldn't you if you could go to San Andres, or London or any exoctic places he's been)
  11. :telloff: I love it when people think they're better than others, it just brings a sense of friendlyness hahaha. If you could rap lyrically better than Will than I'd prolly have your cd now...wait do you have a cd out yet? hahahah :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke: don't be silly.
  12. :dj: I like it, it's pretty tight. Thanks for posting it's rareity from the UK, hahaha.
  13. :dunno: TIM hook us up man. hahah, thanks.
  14. "Lately"- by the r&b genius himself...Stevie Wonder. Good song, I recommend this song for the lover in you ;-)
  15. FreshSti is right tho, we shouldn't base stuff because of his physical appearance but then again he needs to know we are just joking, I'm sure we all know Will wouldn't appreciate if we really meant to say those things about the journalist. Anyways, those were some funny @$$ jokes, I needed that ahahha. :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign:
  16. YAY, the audio forum is back up, let's keep it that way kids. :dj: :dj: :dj: :clap:
  17. ahhahahahah :kekeke: :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign: :lookhehe: :lookhehe: that's funny bra, anyways that journalist was served right for putting such a bad impression on Will's single.
  18. "Do You Remember The Time"- classic Michael Jackson and an old time r&b fav. of mine yeeee heeee oowwww.
  19. "Groove Tonight"-Earth. Wind. & Fire. I LOVE CLASSIC MOTOWN! :roll:
  20. :lookhehe: Dave Chappelle is hella hilarous, ya he's on Comedy Central Wednesday nights or something. Watch/rent season 1 and you'll see how funny his humor is seriously. I can't wait for season 2 to come out...ok ok I'll get off the topic of Dave Chappelle. I totally dig those songs that were played on the UK radio I enjoyed pump ya breaks especially. I LOVE COLLABOs.
  21. :thumb: Thanks Hitch, I haven't see that one either. Good find! Oh ya welcome to the board, stick around and you'll learn a lot.
  22. :what: ahah, that DJ is hella funny, and uhh Will said the album was dropping March 21st. Nice, Will hahaha. Listen to the radio and you'll know what I mean.
  23. YEAAAA, that's sooo tight, I love Pump Ya Breaks too he busts out the flows so nicely and a lot quicker I've noticed. This album will be dope no matter what for real. :scared2:
  24. :clap: Yo that was tight, ryhming to the beat of the Game's "This Is How We Do" that's tight ahah. Impressive Will. Thanks for that file dogg!
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