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  1. man Jeff should put some more stuff to rest. there is so much trash around. really people should know whats the real deal.
  2. come on guys, every second artist out there was influenced by MJ. I just don't like the idea that ppl like diddy or the game will make a lot money out of MJs dead. kel spence is giving music for free, Jazzy Jeff is and they have no particular reason for that. the industry will make a lot of money out of jacksons death. more than he could've made with his tours. Don't let yourself fool with the hype thats going on now, money comes first in this business. its funny how people are putting big words out of their mouths, but didnt care about MJ the last years. And who says that the money will go to charities? i highly doubt it with all the debts he left behind.
  3. oh well, now guess what. Will Smith was born on the 25th and guess who else? ME!!! but don't ask me what this all means now... :blink:
  4. come on, the best music video is still I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson! :laugh: who knows what Nightmare On My Street was about.
  5. I hope they will give the album away for free on the internet. anything else would be a crime against humanity and his legacy. i hope all those guys are not interested in making money with all that "we will miss you" stuff. it's really funny, cause none of those rappers really paid respect to him, like people saying in the comments, nobody cared about him a few days ago. you see what they did with pac's name, they made more money out of his career after his death than before. that industry is so ruthless... and honestly i don't trust sellouts, who snap every opportunity to get more money and more success.
  6. dude, you're bringing some old memories back! i just remembered the days in elementary school. you know, i had some really nice MJ moves going on and all my friends and all the other kids were gathering around me in the breaks to catch a few moves i did, lol. it is so embarresing even just to think about it and i really wanted to impress girls with all that stuff!!! when somebody talks about MJ, my cousin always comes to my mind. he's over 30 now but in his teenie ages he used go to dance competitions and he probably won all the prizes you could get. MJ was his idol back then, that dude that he wanted to imitate. I dont know if he can still kill it with the moves but back then i was just like "woooaaahh!"
  7. 1. Stranger In Moscow 2. You Are Not Alone 3. They Don't Care About Us 4. Heal The World 5. Escape Those are my fave, i always listen to them every now and then. His life will have an own chapter in our history books.
  8. man i thought that some people were making some bad roumors about MJ again, but damn this is really true, still can't believe it. R.I.P Michael! You'll always be the King Of Pop!!!
  9. thanks romano! but cant you put it up as a compressed file? this is over 2GB, cant download that much!
  10. man omarr has to teach me some of those moves!!! classic joint!
  11. somethings wrong with all those celebs man... thats not really the kind of role model i think of, but hey she's nevertheless pretty hot
  12. well, i think that Janet is not that wrong, cause Will really has a big ego and there are a lot similarities to ready rocks story. I'm pretty sure Will isn't that good at handling such situations where he's outshined by someone else. for example he didnt even wanna hear the truth, when he and his crew where on tour back in the day with rundmc, where he asked Ready C if he also thinks that Slick Ricks a better rapper then him. and i think its legitimate to say that Wills trying to catch every opportunity to put himself into the center.
  13. well, will is not a real beatboxer. he just makes all the same routines over and over again. i think that its the stuff that ready c probably showed him back in the day. ready c used to make the 128 bpm thing at their shows, when they were perfoming.
  14. Some turkish hiphop... Cartel - Garip Anam
  15. yeah i followed him on facebook too. thats just insane!
  16. well, they could've honoured them back in 2005 when L+F came out. i just think that this is all part of the industry which doesnt want to recognize JJFP for what they have done. thats just my opinion.
  17. the first episode isnt that much of a big deal. JJFPs just in this and another little scene with run dmc. besides that they also played Parents Just Dont Understand and thats it. i have the VH-1 Hip-Hop documentary about RunDMC, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, JJFP and others somewhere on CD, there should be all those scenes and a few more. i'll try to post it in the next days. maybe its also on youtube...
  18. i had a mp3 of the whole show but lost it sometime ago
  19. thats not the New Music Seminar Battle. this is a random show where a lot of other groups and rappers took part.
  20. Hey guys, i tried to figure out all the lyrics to A Touch Of Jazz. So this is what i found out so far. Could you please help me finishing it to put it on the site? Dj Jazzy Jeff and yours truly the fresh prince i'm making an addition to all the events of the past and the present musical ears we want the young and the old to hear the size we blend to different style of musics never will another group be able to do this the way that we mix the present with the past Hip Hop but with a touch of jazz Attention! To all parents and audience here's a rap record thats not about partying it's deep with meaningful rapping it could very well close a generation gap in music and make parents and children all sit down and both be willing to listen to our music rap with class is hip hop but with a t-t-t-touch of jazz making a record is similar to baking you need ingredients if you plan on making it come out correctly and in a second im gonna give the receipt to usefulness rapping a quarter cup of rhymes and a cup of beats a half of cup clubs and dash in the streets a piece of the present and a pinch of the past oh and jeff and the prince and a touch of jazz it's ???amazing you know??? in fact it's phenomenal its utterly stupendous its my ??? and how two guys such as prince and jazzy jeff wind out beeing so def what do you know haa?, with this much talent you say you know someone, i doubt it pal you know why, because we're the cream of the crop who else would've thought to mix Jazz up with HipHop ??? was wrong the cat got your tongue you know that this record is headed for number one ??? cause we mix hiphop up with a touch of jazz
  21. I don't think that Dre is done with all his Will hating, when he worked on BB2 for the music... http://highbridnation.com/2008/03/18/bruce-williams-dr-dre-does-will-smith-dirty-on-bad-boys-2-soundtrack/
  22. I found this on youtube? how do you feel about their statements?
  23. well, i think "**** him and **** you too" is a diss. don't know what you call it, but Will himself took it as a diss.
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