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  1. he is such a bad beatboxer, haha but still funny.
  2. check your soundcard settings. go to the bottom left and click on the speaker icon. you probably turned off the audio somewhere. cd audio is usually seperately, because it has a seperate input.
  3. maybe a therapy could help you or even just simple meditation.
  4. must be from the BWS era. right after 13:10 he's kicking some lines.
  5. i would love to see another 16 lines to make a final decision. :-)
  6. Name on the title: Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - please.
  7. btw, i couldnt watch the video, it almost doesnt load, pretty slow.
  8. making fun of yourself is kinda like overplaying a situation. comedy in that way is not overplaying a situation, especially not yourself, that is something that you wont find anywhere in theatre or television or cinema. its kinda like the way Will was acting on the first episodes of the fresh prince. playing yourself with your own attitude is not acting or maybe bad acting. as an acting student i can tell you that it gives me more the feeling of chris langer, who is showing me that he has fun making jokes and stuff. comedy doesnt work that way. comedy is created out of a situation and not on purpose by having the intention to make something which seems to be funny. comedy is probably the hardest and most difficult genre in acting. the question is: how can i do comedy but be 100% serious and truthful. there are ways of caricature and illustrative acting, but these are not necessarily "comedy" bound. there is nothing bad about it at all in my opinion, like sanford meisner once said "You know it's all right to be wrong, but it's not all right not to try." so just keep going and taking lessons. i think that you are talented, at least i can tell you that i saw that you got the essence of the moment at times.
  9. i do like the idea and i think your acting skills are getting better. the concept of making an interview is a good way to present yourself. but it did lack of seriousity. i couldnt really figure out what you were aiming for, it was not concrete. it did have the feel that you were making fun of yourself, but on the other side you were talking about your ambitions to become an actor. but kinda like playing it down. as chris langer i dont buy it, the dude that is called chris langer in the video is a role hiding his true self behind the shell of comedy. i think that the video has consistency and it is not filled up with unnecessary filler material. i'd love to see you interact with other persons and play some serious roles. dont forget, acting is about truthfullness and authenticity.
  10. thanks turntable, i will work a lot more on the lyrics.
  11. well, i could try to rap in english. its way harder for me to write and flow in english due to my limited english skills. but i could try, i think it is a good idea.
  12. Hi everybody, i just finished my first serious attempt to write some lyrics and record it. this was done in pretty basic way. i'll be in the studio next week to make a more professional and cleaner version. I wanted to share it with you guys and need some honest opinions even if its in german. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O6TXE8D2
  13. why? is anyone writing love letters to Will and hatin' jada? hahaha!
  14. Yes Yes Y'all is not only underrated it is my favourite solo track, besides i think big willie style is his best album Act Like You Know Comin To The Stage those are the ones that came to my mind
  15. there is life again on this board. incredible. i was always one of those silent type of guys who visit the board in hope to read any comeback news. now after 6 years i was about to give up and then this. quite exciting and the good thing is, i always loved the men in black soundtracks, so this one will be good again.
  16. a new Will Smith album could be really fine. I am listening to the men in black a lot in the last weeks. i want at leat one oldschool song!
  17. this is really great! dude is really creative! thanks for sharing.
  18. the interview is in english. it starts at 0:45 min
  19. Hey, heres an Interview with Jaden and his family from last year. I like Will's last comment :) http://www.bild.de/unterhaltung/kino/kino/bild-reporterin-trifft-will-smith-und-sohn-jaden-13367350.bild.html
  20. I had seen him last year in Düsseldorf too. Didnt have the intention too meet him though, just enjoyed the show and went home.
  21. AFAIK the show is based on Benny Medinas life. so its not ultimately down to Will's person and music career. i think they just started to built it up on him in the process. they could've done that with kid n' play too.
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