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  1. Thanks Tim! It's been a while since i've heard the magnificent jazzy jeff. gotta listen to it now!
  2. i do like it a lot! makes me smile everyday.
  3. I have found a nice video on youtube i haven't known of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAEcD21t5rs&feature=related it is so funny, especially the freestyle part "make it make it make it flow like fluid" :D
  4. yeah it is! i tried to sync audio and video.
  5. Thanks to you guys i was able to get my hands on the I'm Looking For The One Live Video and as a return i have this little gift for you. I played around a lil bit with the video. Hope you like it! Have fun!
  6. Spain played better and deserved to win, but let's all be honest Germany had the harder competition with England and Argentinia. and in my opinion spain should've been kicked out right after the group stage with that kind of football they had played. nevertheless they're now the top candidate for the cup now that they have found back to their real playing.
  7. Spain's about to go home. mark my words. it is over and the stage is wrecked :P
  8. Germany will win the WC!!! They are just too strong.
  9. Germany was damn good, but why the hell didnt Kewell play for the Aussies? He's definately one of the key players and most experienced ones too.
  10. i need a new album. how about JJFP? i guess thats too much right?
  11. the first pic looks kinda old. dont need to be pesimistic in here, neptunes and Will? yes sirrr! The Game & Will? nah, not really...
  12. i had the whole performance as video on my harddisk back in 2005, but after my harddisk crashed I lost all my files. i would really appreciate to see it again.
  13. KRS should pull that stick out of his a##. Dude is acting like he's the one deciding about whats wrong and right in hip hop like some kind of Hip Hop judge. Go and get a life man, i can't stand that attitude anymore. how pessimistic and obsessed can you get? i never heard some positive things from KRS about anything. He is so negative and there's absolutely nothing inspiring and valuable in what he's talking about. "proper respect" lol and after 20 years of hard work to found a Hiphop museum, he wants to have it boycotted. go and have a ****, instead people should boycott his shows...
  14. yes! Dusseldorf i'm coming! this is going to be a lot of fun! since i've moved to cologne it's just one step away now. man, after 4 years i'll see Jeff again. thanks Tim for posting this!
  15. i'm sure there are still aliens left in the hundreds of wracked spaceships. human vs. alien on planet earth. there is still a lot of room. i mean, all the aliens didn't die all of a sudden right? ok, there are better movies and projects for Will, but it would be still pretty nice to see a nice ID4 sequel.
  16. @big willie that's a point about the prediction thing but the thing is that he just didnt have a theatrical education. all he ever did was camera acting and these both are 2 totally different things. it's like saying that a soccer player is basically good at basketball. in my opinion he's not, first give me a proof and i'll tell you that he's an overall good actor, but as long as i just can make any assumptions, based on my knowledge about his education and career, i'll go for the most probable and with an actor who's never ever played in a theater it is very likely that he hasn't developed the specific skills needed for that. and btw, i also had some other points why i don't see him as an overall good actor.
  17. it's not a prediction dude. it's just my opinion. i mean theres nothing wrong about it. lets get easy, its nothing big right?
  18. @turntable the question was if he's an overall good actor and in my opinion an overall good actor has to be able to perform on stage and on camera.
  19. damn thats hilarious! Wills mocking gangsta rap again! :D
  20. AJ, i don't know the details about FPOBA, but its not the same as in a real theater where you have to play the whole thing through. and still camera acting and acting on a theatre stage in front of hundreds of people without a microphone and camera is totally different. you have to emphasize and focus on totally different things. voice, presence, coordination, room are all things which are inevitable in theater-acting. on camera you can do all the stuff over and over again and fix it afterwards in the cut. but to have the skills to use that stage and transform it into a scene just with your body and presence is something i'm not sure about when it comes to Wills acting skills. it's the same with real MCs and studio rappers who cant perform on stage. 2 totally different things and theater acting is the supreme discipline for an actor. and thats the reason why it's so easy for me to compare and judge an actor like Will with Kevin Spacey. It is so easy to see who the better one is that mastered the art of acting. just to name one example.
  21. i'm pretty sure he would suck on stage in a real theater. he is and always was an camera actor but he's still pretty good in what he's doing. sometimes he's unable to get into the spirit of things which leeds to unauthenticity. pretty like the first scene in 7 Pounds, really bad acting. he often tends to act like somebody instead of being that person himself. that makes his roles more or less superficial and thats the reason why he's always "Will" when you watch his movies. the good thing about it is, that people want to see "Will" in the movie. So in my opinion he's a no go for real theater.
  22. thank you guys! sorry for beeing off for so long. i'm a lot busy with my studies!
  23. happy b-day tim! hope you have good one! and thanks for all the work and effort you put in to keep this board and community alive.
  24. i just don't get it. if you love music than just make music. and i fully agree with tim and radewart.
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