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  1. thats good news in a while! i'm getting more and more excited. i really badly need new JJFP stuff...
  2. hey dabrakes, its always good to have such moments every now and then. do you know, if he'll come to germany sometime soon? i'd love to see him spinning again.
  3. Hey guys, look at this! its hilarious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kK-niHEJeA Will was so damn funny back then. I wish he would be more like that today. and cher is a crazy chick btw... :laugh:
  4. could someone please upload the So So Def Remix of Gettin Jiggy With It (Version 1 with out all the cameos) and the Making Of from So Fresh?
  5. nah, i guess i have to be the pessimistic one in here. i just don't think we'll ever see a JJFP collabo ever again. look at jeffs head, his hair are falling off! they should've done a JJFP reunion album for their 20th anniversary. i don't wanna see a 50 year old man making a "fresh prince" return with his old pal. this is all so sad. they couldn't manage to make a reunion album in almost 20 years, so how can it be, after this success and demand that people have for Will's movies, that they're going to reunite in the near future? and don't forget about Will's lil "reality check" boy. nah it's way too late and besides that i'm sure we will only see a few gigs here and there. you too know how fast Will gave up on music when he got to know about the offer for The Pursiut of Happiness. Just before that it was all about making music and touring around the world for the next 8 months, his passion for his first love and so on... i think it's just one of those nice trips down memory lane, some sort of flashback which keeps you more and more motivated. it's just all talk for me now. they did He's the DJ in two weeks and can't reunite for a new album?
  6. do you remember the Willenium page? i loved that one, it even had the making of from So Fresh online. Couldn't stop watching it back in the day.
  7. i do remember all the ones beginning from 2001. That was the first time i got an internet connection. that was nice, thx tim!
  8. Hey guys, i just listened to the song loretta and don't know what to think. the hook and the whole song just sounds like that she's died. that's the impression i get recently when i listen to the song. man, to comprehend it that way makes the song even sadder. could it be? what y'all think?
  9. man, how couldn't you keep up with kel? his is flooding in facebook non stop about his projects. i've already heard a lil skit out of this track. damn nice. top notch!
  10. I posted a link on his offial facebook site. i've also send some mails to a few fans with a link to our cause.
  11. Selam everyone! Me as a muslim living in Germany would like to wish every Muslim all around the world a blessed Ramadan holiday! And i also want to use that opportunity to reach out my hand to all the other people of all kinds of religion as an act of brotherliness and charity. may god with you and protect you.
  12. nah, i want Jeff to step up to the plate again. he was always at the background or not even involved and since Freakin It in none of his videos. We need some classic JJFP. Big Willy got old and lost his freshness. FP stands for some def rhymes and hiphop pioneer. Two turntables, a mic, 2 weeks and we'll have another He's The DJ.
  13. should we emphasize it on a JJFP album? it's been already 23 years since the first JJFP album. that's kinda scary :boxedin: but needless to say that i'm with you :grouphug3:
  14. ok i was never ever a big fan of him as an actor and most of his movies sucked big time. but i really enjoyed the last Rambo and Rocky. yo but to be honest the facts talk for themselves... Sly Stallone is one of the worst actors of the century and he is the recordholder in the Golden Raspberry Awards. But there are times, where i wish that i would've wrote the original Rocky... nevertheless i would love to see another rambo.
  15. man just look for a Will mask (like Eminem had on the grammys back in the day) and wear some oldskool early 90s hiphop cloths. That should do the trick.
  16. Kanye is really a nice rolemodel... quite unbelievable that someone who did Jesus Walks does something awful and mean like that. nothing but a hypocrit. and that's the reason i can't stand 90% of those "i believe in god and my religion", "he gives me the will and I'll be thankful in every way i can" celebrities...
  17. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro - Rock Wit U That so is so nice. I just can't get enough of listening to! ATOJ did a fine job with this one.
  18. looks like Will's career is taking a downhill trip. Hancock, Seven Pounds and now a sequel... Dude, make an JJFP reunion or Bad Boys 3/MIIIB.
  19. well, i think the most dramatic thing in this case is, that she lost everything. i mean, if it just was her job she lost, there wouldn't be a problem to get over it. But this whole thing she had with Will destroyed her life... i don't know, Will did a lot of stupid things. Ready C is just another example and honestly Will isn't that Mr Nice Guy he wants people to think of him. Will is a smart guy and knows how to keep a clean image.
  20. did he write his own lyrics or does he have a ghostwriter?
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