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  1. yeah i know, but he also has an unofficial page, like jazzy AFAIK
  2. yeah, the hammer JL! man Will has to reunite the Too Damn Hype posse. btw, have you guys found out his (real) unofficial facebook page?
  3. of course i remember that! Brakes Video was hilarious, it was entertaining to not only have Will performing Brand New Funk :) This was just a few weeks after i left London, you don't know how much dissapointed i was, when i found out that he'll perform at Leicester Square :mmph:
  4. DefCEM


    maybe he's not but he definately changed since he's hanging out with scientologists.
  5. Congrats man! I wish the best for you and your family! must be an amazing feeling to be a daddy.
  6. i have a premium account. should be able to put it up there permanently.
  7. AJ, who doesnt want that? too bad the video ends right at the beginning of his speech. btw, did he ever mention Jazzy Jeff back then? i mean when it comes to the thank yous and stuff like that.
  8. yeah Kel Spence live with Will, Jeff and K-Ci on stage! Awesome performance and thanks for sharing!
  9. thanks for sharing! Biz is definately the funniest guy in the Biz, lol biz in the biz. well Will comes right after him.
  10. Here are more pics. I won't copy and paste them, because i'm not comfortable with it. For those who have facebook of course. there are a lot of nice pictures. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2016567&id=1217573242
  11. i've got 155. am i a smartass now? :prof:
  12. doenst work for me neither, but its a really good movie. everybody should watch it.
  13. this is a nice track. i wonder what jeff's doing recently?
  14. well, AJ they had the idea of dealing with the aliens who survived the crashes everywhere around the world.
  15. Thanx Romano, i like it, its very funny! :clap:
  16. Carlton: Will, have you no shame? Will: uhmm... yeah, i'm ashamed of you.
  17. i'm a lil too late i guess, but i hope you had a good one!
  18. he can flow nicer than anybody else and spit the wisest stuff, but i'll never forgive him that he ruined summertime...
  19. i want a new adult power rangers movie!
  20. FPs freestyling skills hopefully not at his peak. heard that a long time ago, must have it somewhere as mp3 too.
  21. i don't think Will will return to HipHop. You know how focused and determined he is. He'll chase the Oscar forever until he's too old to record again.
  22. man i'm so excited. i'm downloading right now! i'm definately gonna bump those tracks in my car and on my mp3. that kel spence joint alone is the bomb, finally the waiting is over! thanks a lot brakes!
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