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  1. Yo man, i just want to hear some fresh things, ya know, really dope trax. B2R was experimental enough, i think. just 2 Turntables and a mic and let JJFP rock the house!! I'm looking forward to see Will here in Germany. Berlin is really far away from where I live. But I hope he will visit some TV shows in Germany...
  2. I just wanted to say that people and mostly the young are talking Shxx about Will... He doesn't deserve that. I mean he was (may be he is still) one of the greatest in the rap biz and nobody knowws that. Just like (I forgot the name) said, the kids are brainwashed. I know that its not '88 anymore, but he did a lot of things for hiphop. Will loves HipHop and he isn't making that for money. He is true Hip Hop and he always will. I don't want him to do music with artists like chingy or other "commercial" rappers. they would do everykind of thing to earn as much money they can. Will doesn't have to proof anything cause he knows what he wants and i think he doesn't care about the young rappers and their fans. Thats my point of view... :) man my english is getting worse and worse :( JJFP Rocks The House
  3. In my opinion the rappers are getting too much props fpr their skillz. Ya know people and kids are saying that Em is the best Rapper of all times and nobody can freestyle like him. they say "yo man, did you look at 8 Mile? Did you see Eminem battling at the end? man he could burn every rapper out there!" They say that Will Smith is a pusxx and softy. The people don't know what they're talking about Will Smith doesn't get any Props... Man Will would rip every rapper out there if it would be still 1988. he was known for his battles back in the day... I mean, who is eminem? he had to make a movie about his live to show the kids his skillz in battles. Thats wack. I would never do a movie about my live and rap background. Everybody is talking about Em here and there, but the most of the people don't know anything about JJFP, Run DMC or other Ol skoolers... thats really sad :( The young rappers are getting too much props...
  4. Nah, i don't think. he did a lot of battle rhymes in his songs but not freestyles one question... Is Will freestyling on his live act with jeff and ready c at the union square in new york 1986? You know he's rapping something about Jeff and himself later. JJFP Rocks The House
  5. Will was in Germany on a TV Show a long time ago (i think about 4 years) The Showmaster startet to sing and wanted Will to do a freestyle and it was really terrible, the beginning was the same like in Wild Wild West, after a short while he didn't know how to continue... his freestyle was about 10 seconds or something like that. And one time Will said that he could beat Eminem in a Battle if he would be still the fresh prince back in the day. And Jeff also said in a german interview on TV that Will is somebody who could freestyle back in the day... So in my opinion Will was somebody who could freestyle back in the day as fresh prince, but i think this time is over. i think he wouldn't have any chances against Eminem, JayZ or somebody else... Did ya know something about the freestyle battle between Fresh Prince and Steady B in 1988? i read that there shall be a video of it :dunno:
  6. I thought he will release his next album on the internet??? JJFP Rocks The House
  7. LOL This song is really funny :laugh2: I had to liste to it a few times to understand it... I was already shocked when i heard it the first time... Will and cursing? :nono: JJFP Rocks The House
  8. Go Will go go go Will... Yeah thats really dope! I hope they will make a tour around the whole world! I hope there will be songs like "Somethin' like this" or "Potnas", "So Fresh", "Pump me Up"... and all that stuff. Man this are really good news!!! JJFP Rocks The House
  9. Timbaland?? Nah, I didn't hear a lot of his produced tracks, but i didn't really like all the Missy Elliot stuff he did... I hate missy's stuff Sorry, but in my opinion Will should do a Jazzy Jeff only Album... It also migght happen, that his style will change, when he works with other people (mary j, petey pablo,...) I think this "oldskool" album will sound a bit strange of what hes done But I'm really looking forward to his new album PS: Willow Is A Player is one of his worst songs on B2R for me... sorry I think this is also my bad english spell day :)
  10. Virgin Megastore at Piccadilly in London? I've been there months ago... why didn't we meet us? :confused: :face2:
  11. Thats crazy coooool!!!! I'm really looking forward to the new JJFP Album. It's time to have a bit of "fresh" air in the biz... JJFP Rulez!
  12. yeah thats cool, I've also seen the trailer on MTV Germany. JJFP Rocks the House!!!!
  13. I liked the cool superfly costume on the earlier seasons. :D He wore it on a halloween party, where carlton had that terrible vampire costume.
  14. Hi, I was in London a couple of weeks ago. And I was also looking for Rock The House. I looked at Virgin and HMV at Piccadilly Circus, but i didn't find anything. There was the Gold & Platinum, which I bought then. I'm also still looking for this album... DefCEM
  15. I love "Chasing Forever". For me it's the best song on his Big Willie Style Album!!!
  16. Really Dope Sound! Yo, JJFP Rulez I'm really looking forward for their new release this year!
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