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  1. thanks tim, i never heard the whole part before the freestyle either. its cool how jeff did that :wiggle:
  2. :2thumbs: you should Tim, i havent heard it :kekeke:
  3. Yeah I think we should include anything in the album, you should be able to submit anything if you want to.
  4. Well, they stopped showing fpoba on one of the local channels where I live, and I don't have cable so the DVDS are all i have, and the tapes i recorded. i dont watch em that much unless im really bored on a weekend.
  5. lol i dont want anything with kbf-something in it, it sound old. i might change it to that BW, but i dunno.
  6. thats the first thing i noticed on his page :wiggle: :rofl: and i added all of you
  7. i wanna change my name, any suggestions?
  8. Great battle, i thought julie had run away with it since she had a pretty good lead early in the poll, but nice job winning another battle Brakes!
  9. Yeah it sounds kinda the same to me as well. not the entire track, but just the basic beat and stuff. the intros sound a little similar.
  10. darn, i guess i wont be watching tonight.
  11. Yeah Lerkot record it sometime. :2thumbs: It was something different from you, I really enjoyed it, had clever lines.
  12. Damn the northwest is so weak. If only the Lakers were in there.
  13. Its no longer here in caught in the middle
  14. Washington 103, Boston 102 btw Kobe scored 50 in a 112-109 Laker win VS the Clippers yesterday, a day after scoring 48 in a blowout against Philly.
  15. haha nice job on Teacher's Pet FTd, probably my fav track after Last Day. Look forward 2 the album, keep us posted.
  16. Well my neighborhood is pretty quiet, it's a nice place to live in. There are really tall palm trees near the sidewalks on every street, there's one right in front of my house.
  17. I had a dream bout Will in concert too. Except I went up and battled him, but i don't know what I said. I just know Will said something about "yo mama" and then I squirted him in the face with a water gun. :kekeke:
  18. Damn, and Kobe got the foul called on HIM on that play. Didn't look like he did anything.
  19. Ill do it FuQ, will borrow a mic today and send you the thing tomorrow or so. Nice track btw.
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