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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWUFbn3AA8Q Found this on youtube, it's amazing. :wickedwisdom: Check it out.
  2. im lovin it :wickedwisdom: ill be checking out the mixtape too
  3. thanks 4 the info Tim, hopefully we do see some new material soon!
  4. you're famous tim :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:
  5. south park movie soundtrack - what would brian boitano do
  6. I got summertime, get hyped, just rockin and yo! home to bel air down pat... thats about it
  7. either common or chuck d :wickedwisdom:
  8. I like it ash trey! Nice use of vocab and similes. Keep it up.
  9. Its okay! You'll get to meet him later, don't give up so soon!
  10. Welcome, nice to have you here. :wickedwisdom:
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