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  1. lately ive been listening to I'm Looking For The One Numero Uno Ring My Bell Black Suits Comin So Fresh
  2. Nice! it made the front page!
  3. Both verses were weak?? What are you talking about? :paperbag: Both verses were great imo.
  4. Julie, Will is ill had a good verse but Julie followed it up really well.
  5. Jonny's using the same old tricks looking to impress You're obsessed with gender relations? Look for him in a dress You're like a dull lecture while you're a pleb I'm a patrician Youre tricks easily revealed but I'm Houdini like a magician In my path but then you slide away, divert everyone's attention Your craven attitude cant stand my name being mentioned Dissmiss my lyrical artifice when youre boring like black n white tiles But you finds himself bumpin along like youre playing with your gentiles Calm down, gender doesn't matter when you battle Youre a straight line player and unable to move lateral Watch listen and learn from the up and comer your time is over You do keep my rhymes keen, rockin so heavy you cant shoulder Another sucka to juke, I'll have ya reciting my words like Luke After this lyrical display you'd wanna blow up like a nuke Your magic like all others, only a deception Turn on the lights, see if Jonny's real or are threads moving him?
  6. Are you serious.. they couldn't even get the words out. That's pathetic. The lyrical content is nonexistant, and their friends were helping them too. It's obvious those guys can't rap, nevermind freestyle.
  7. Are you serious madblock?? :willvspaparazzi: I dont know what to say... :paperbag:
  8. Nice, it was posted here earlier I think. What happened when you called?
  9. damn.. and he sat out the fourth.
  10. nice!! words really been getting around!
  11. http://media.ebaumsworld.com/wmv/rapbattles.wmv :pony:
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