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  1. Why is this conversation making me feel slightly vulnerable :hmm: :lolsign: :lolsign:
  2. Giving it to Will & Jeff sounds good though :kekeke: If we can get it done
  3. Will will get one sooner or later, its just a matter of when
  4. i like arobase a lot, but the other ones are nice as well
  5. :word: thats what ive noticed too. maybe ill check some of their songs out
  6. I got it. Someone put it up for download a while ago here. I'll up it in a couple minutes hold on.
  7. I like the concept, it will be interesting to hear as well. 'We’ll listen to Mike Jones, but not The Game? Man whats wrong with rap these days?' I think it would be better if you would put another rapper here that isn't as mainstream, cause the Game has a lot of fans and he gets his share of media attention too.
  8. I could judge it better if you put the audio up.
  9. That was a great game. USC couldnt stop Vince Young, didn't see any of the usual tough USC defense. What a waste of a timeout at the end, I was like wtf :willvspaparazzi:
  10. That's great, ive noticed a lot of nba arenas are playing Boom! during the games too.
  11. I'm ready for the Trojans to take this one :bat:
  12. i got the tap problem as well. very entertaining tim :lolsign:
  13. I like Run DMC. A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Heavy D & The Boyz and Digable Planets are some of my favorite groups.
  14. :rofl: someday it just might kick in :bat:
  15. Damn, the cast reunion would have been good. I still think will's music player looks like an iPod though.
  16. Someday I'd like to -Sit courtside at a Lakers home game -Get into a college near home, maybe University of Irvine in Cali and have tuition paid for -Get better at writing rhymes & -Get better at freestyling -Have a job that pays really well -Finally see JJFP in concert one of these days -be taller :pony: and I see a lot of the people here write raps and stuff like that. Why don't we start up the JJFP album idea again?
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