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  1. King Of Rock - Run DMC I just read the "Raising Hell" book at Barnes and Nobles, it's a pretty interesting read.
  2. yeah FuQs feedback is real helpful. Thanks FuQ!
  3. No, KBF, it's spelt Da B-r-a-k-e-s :kekeke: Staind - "So Far Away" My mistake :lolsign: Youre tricky Prince.
  4. we cant see your face prince.. :wiggle:
  5. Every Lerkot post is classic! :wiggle:
  6. I never thought it would be this big. Then again, it's the first WS podcast and Will is pretty popular both as an artist and a film star so it'll come up in many searches. 1000 listeners in such a short time is crazy..
  7. i got public enemy - new whirl order (finally!) and a couple hundred bucks. didnt get a lot of material items this year. :yeah:
  8. Off topic, but why do you keep registering similar usernames??
  9. Jonny I thought you would read it as F-u-Q if you didn't read it as Fuke..but maybe youre right. :lolsign:
  10. Nice song FuQ, real upbeat and great lyrics too.
  11. Howd you come up with that concept? welcome back.
  12. I'm happy for Nick Cannon. As long as hes doing what he wants to do, then its cool. I thought initially before I opened the topic that Will had said something that got Nick enraged though. :bat:
  13. Yeah, I noticed that they played the Boom! Street Remix at the Lakers - Mavs game in Dallas a week or so ago. It was a nice surprise, someone there must have had a JJFP CD.
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