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  1. well madblock posted a better verse than expected, but then didn't really diss BW that hard. BW for me.
  2. wow, i didn't know that. sucks for the artist.
  3. Went with Lerkot, both good verses but Lerkot had some hilarious lines.
  4. This is actually the only fairly balanced poll so far in the battle..
  5. Ur voice does sound different than before, but still interesting nonetheless. Flow was off on parts, but since its the first version it doesn't really matter. Some parts flowed well though. Nice beat.
  6. probably tim's best verse posted here, but brakes' verse was just stronger.
  7. Yeah, I see no problem with JPs cursing. As long as it's not meaningless.
  8. as I grab the mic and rip it watch your friends become your foes Youd need a whole firehouse to extinguish the heat of my flows Kid Kid can brag all he wants, but you’re lowly until ya show me Mama said knock you, my rhymes collided with ya dome homey You can't slow me, I'm in sync like bye bye bye Not bubblegum but packed with enough blows to make ya cry You could say you’re blind and avoid typing a response Cause I put ya in a state of mind so eerie that it haunts Breaking intoa sweat at the lyrics aimed at you by kbf Its not fair? if u wanna make the calls then be a ref Your flow is comparable to a snails, just cant go any faster mizerys shaken up, but you can’t escape it like natural disaster Staying stationary as you make a fool outta yourself in the battle tourney Even your shadow stays away, the sun dont shine for ya homey So gather yourself cause youve witnessed ur own eviction don’t come with prewritten composition or itll leak out 2 the jurisdiction
  9. I agree Brakes, Treach of NBN has a dope flow. Queen Latifah, Nas (illmatic mostly), FP, Opio, Heavy D and Common are all up there IMO.
  10. Attacked by madblock. What an honor. :kekeke:
  11. ive lost all respect for you madblock. :paperbag:
  12. Julie has the best mic :kekeke: Definitely need more people next time tho!
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