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  1. i love Will's belt buckles.
  2. Okay, so heres the deal. Kiis FM (radio station) is throwing their annual jingle ball concert, and in all comercials they say the name of all the people performing and then they say "and a suprise appearance by one of todays biggest stars." i keep thinking it could be will smith and he waited untill this to come out with the new single. what you guys think?
  3. but, wait a minute. Does it ever come out in the USA? couse its no where on Playusa.com its just in the england version. so can anyone help me and tell me if its coming out in america? if it doesnt that would tottaly suck. i really want the special edition one!!! help
  4. okay so i was kinda sad that I-Robot was a non-special disc DVD. but i just found out that they are putting out a 2disc special edition. i know its probebly been talked about, but OH MY GOD im so happy.
  5. i had a quick quastion, i know there is a post on this already, but if we pre-order Fresh Prince of Bel Air on DVD from amazon, does it get here on they of release, or does it get shipped out on day of release? i have only bought things that are already out from amazon, so i was woundering if you could help me.
  6. so wait, um... so, okay im a little confused. does this just mean his producing a new show? couse his also producing 4 upcoming movies. i dont wanna write anymore untill i can furthermore understand the post!!! sorry
  7. So i was at work on sunday, (i work at Jamba Juice) and in comes our newset christmas Cd. We decide to pop it in, and guess what the second song on the cd is? Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince "Family Christmas". i lost my mind, you guys. an unreleased track from Jazzy Jeff Fresh prince on the Jamba Juice CD!!!! or at least unreleased in the US. i just had to say it, couse the song is so old school, and so good.
  8. wait a minute, does this mean you have no JJFP cds? OH MY GOD. get eighter Code Red or And inThis Corner... or any other, they all so great.
  9. SHADOW DREAMS. the lyrics have so much meaning.
  10. every one i talk to knows jazzy jeff, couse will came out as Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.
  11. i think your crazy... (hehe) will is just a great actor so he did movies. jazzy jeff coulda done movies if he wanted to. i dont think Will took away anything from jeff by doing movies, i mean jeff is steel a great DJ, and people love him. i doubt that will's movie career made jazzy less famouse, they just made Will more famouse.
  12. hell, no. Will is a great actor and people love his movies. his rap is great and its not kiddy rap, but he should never give up movies for it. i know he started with rap and then got into acting, but that would be one of the worst things he could do. could you imagine a world without will smith movies? :tear:
  13. everyone on this site is gonna buy one... ...Right? ill buy one on day of release, you should too!
  14. Alien

    New Game

    ID4-Independence Day... "who done and whoped your ass this time?"
  15. Like seriously? (sorry inside joke from my school) c'mon FRESH PRINCE who moves to BEL-AIR to be the fresh prince in bel-air so THE FRESH PRICE OF BEL-AIR
  16. Um... "the Mark" is going to be a remake!!! Sorry, but there isnt enough info on the movie to be called independent, i know the writer usually doesnt do big projects, but we cant tell if its indy type until we have a director and a producer. (so sorry i know i kinda sounded cocky there, didnt mean to...) Im not sure what "I am a legend" is about so, Bad Boys 3, couse will Smith+ Michael Bay= Awsomely cool
  17. Alien

    New Game

    Thats Wild Wild West right? "you cant just be shoving a mans personal things into a hole like that... well i didnt mean like that!!!" "man on the planet make you crazy? 'Cause if that's the case"
  18. i just wanted to put this up, just incase you guys havnt seen it yet. its the co-creater of fresh prince of bel-air. CNN.com's special report. <----- click!
  19. things that made him straight: 3) Hillary yells out his name and he doesnt answer: "it's been so long since a woman yelled my name out like that. i rather enjoyed it." 2)When hillary was wearing a sexy black dress he looked at her sexually, Uncle Phill gives him a look and he says "well, she's not my daughter!" 1)He went out and kissed what he thought was the new maid next door (turned out to be a rich lady in the TP buisness!!!) there are so many more examples of things that make him straight. i cant think of too many things that make him gay!!!
  20. is there some were i can pre-order it in USA? couse my dvd player is not "regional"
  21. Ahhhh, do JJFP still have concerts? I mean does will smith still put on a full concert, not just at special places. couse i havnt heard about him having a real concert in a few years!!!
  22. Alien

    New Game

    here is a good quote. easy enough... "underwater? And by the way, on what?"
  23. Alien

    New Game

    i belive thats MIIB, the little guys inside the ball! im not sure, so tell me if im right before i post a new one.
  24. Alien

    New Game

    "were killed by other people!" in the trailers it was Will Smith but when you saw the movie, his line was cut out and Lt. John Bergin played by Chi McBride was the man who said it. now one of the best quotes ever (i said ONE of the! i wish i could put the whole thing!!!): dysfunctional motherf**ker to bust somebody in the head like that. That's some disfunctional s**t.
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