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  1. i thought i had it with http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/jjfp-newwillalbum.htm but it turns out its the accual site link!!!
  2. i usually dont watch SNL, im a mad tv person my self... But, i was watching a re-run of SNL and in the news segment they mentioned Will smith: "Recently Will Smith offered 80 thousand dollars to rent an apartment while in New York to stay in during the shooting of his movie. In related new Dj Jazzy Jeff wanted to know if you were going to finish eating that?" it was funny, but sad at the same time...
  3. okay your taking too long for the new quastion!!! (sorry) im coming up with a new one: Whats will's teddy bear's name? (from the episode witch the earthquake made him stuck in the closet. {or attic, not too sure what it was...})
  4. thats right, come up with a new quastion.
  5. "Throw mama from the train" im sure thats right so ill post a new one, but if its not ignore the quastion. who does Hillary get to come to Ashley's birthday party?
  6. Mystic river was great too, so i think he would do justice to the movie. what if Will Smith tried directing?
  7. this is great and all, but where can we get all these tracks?
  8. Will Smith just won fav. male action star!!! i didnt watch the award show becouse i was watching the new season of 24, but i heard about it on the radio the next day.
  9. um... ben affleck is not the best actor, he was good in armaggadon but not too many other movies. and really sorry to say this to Hero 1, but jerry bruckheimer is not the best producer. his a great one, but he keeps the directors from what they want to do. he limits them too much. SORRY!
  10. okay so we know the movie has been planned. Will Smith is going to be in it, and sony will release it. THey have to yet said anything about who will direct this movie. so lets write who we think would be great director for this movie? i think Ron Howard would be awsome, but we all know its not gonna happen. Christopher Nolan would be good, becouse he would take it to unknown places. (again, not gonna happen) and ofcourse i really want to see this: Michael Bay make this movie. His directed nothing but action movies, and i want to see him try a Drama. he said in an interview he wants to try a drama and comedy, so this would be perfect. He could show that he not just a action director for big budget movies.
  11. I work at jamba juice (smoothie store {for those who dont know}) and we have allot of "approved" songs sent to us on a cd that we can play. each cd is about 4 hours of MP3 style music. now i noticed we have quite a few Will Smith songs :rock: . we have Wild Wild West, Miami, Family Christmas (JJFP), and a couple more and when we got the january cd, (yea we get them a month in advance) the Got To Be Real song is on it. Just wanted to post that. Next time your in a Jamba Juice...
  12. "Here's ten bucks" that was a good episode. Same episode: What did will use as his "head" under the sheets when he snuck out?
  13. earnie. "this crowed is just dead." "Calton, EARNIE is dead!" im really sure thats right so... Where did will buy the christmas deceration for the first chirstmas in bel-air?
  14. oh yea i seen it, it was such a good episode. These "new" people move in and the town doesnt like them. the "new" people think its becouse their black, but in the end it turns out to be "we dont like you people coming here. yea you rich people." it wasnt over race, but becouse they had more money, it was a funny episode.
  15. travis, right? "i loved... travis, thats not it, is it?" is that right, couse i got a good quastion.
  16. im not sure, but wasnt he in the episode were Will and carlton go to "the hood" or jazz's cribb, and carlton starts acting like one of the "home boys"? couse there were few people in that episode that could have been ready rock c. the thing about that episode that made me sad was the big guy wasnt charlie mac and it was an accual body builder/actor.
  17. truley had no clue there would be a #2. i love i,robot. cant wait for number 2, now!!!
  18. the 4 hours are on the 2 disc special edition, which is released in U.K. not U.S.!!! so i have to ask this quastion, does anyone know when the 2 disc special edition is being released in U.S.??? region 1 only has the wide/full screen. region 2 has 2 disc, and region 3 has special edition.
  19. Tube n Fresh? i havnt seen the episode for a while, so if im wronge its safe to say you could give us the answer and give another quastion. if im right, i gotta good quastion.
  20. girls aint nothing but trouble was a single, their first single. Guys anit nothing but trouble was not even sang by them it was ice cream T, and it was taken way to far. she wanted to go get her gun and squeez the trigger? no! girls aint nothing but trouble was a funny well written song, thats why it was made into a single.
  21. hey you guys get the better I, Robot dvd, we get the better FPOBA DVD!!! it will eventually be released everywhere.
  22. Alien


    oh well im playing on Playstation 2 and the aiming seems cool to me, i mean it gets kinda hard, but its diffrent and cool.
  23. Alien


    better game of its kind, well there is plenty of those, MAX PAYNE for one... god i love that game!
  24. Has anyone else played this game? i really like it, i mean the voices arn't Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, but the game is pretty fun. I bought it a few days a go and its pretty action full. You have a variety of weapons and get to play as both characters. The slang, and language usage is the same from the movie, and each character has their own little personality.
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