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  1. Alien

    New Game

    c'mon you guys it was Edgar from MIB. somebody else write one. i gotta go...
  2. Alien

    New Game

    MIIB- Will Smith new quote: "matter, infact in a few minutes"
  3. Okay so, after retiring the "Lets Play" forum, i have decided (because we had so much fun) to start a new game: In this game we write a quote from a Big Will movie and the others have to guess what movie, but its not that simple. When thinking of a line, cut half of it off, and attack it to half of the next sentence. for ex.: (i use this because it is the eaziest FP quote) the original quote is: "You know what the diffrence is between me and you? i make this look good!" the Game should have it as: "Between me and you? I make this" and the person answering would have to say something like: Will Smith- MIB Rules: 1) It has to be a movie Will Smith Acted in, and was credited. (Cameos don't count) 2) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Quotes count. (although it will be real hard!!!) 3) Don't write the full quote. 4) It doesn't have to be a quote Will Smith said. It could come from anyone in a Will Smith movie. 5) IF your sure you got the right answer, post the next quote. if told it is wronge, next quote will come from the person who gets it right. (i know, thats very abvious) 6) (i hate to do this, but) If you use a quote with a curse word, sencor your self. You never know when someone might get offended. (only all major 4 letter words!) 7) Be sure the quote you put up is correct. Good Luck, i shall start us off: "my niece out, i want to know if he can"
  4. So what is up with "the Will Smith Quartet"? Does it have anything to do with FP? Couse in a couple of sites it poped up under will smith's music. Whats the deal?
  5. almost forgot, now that this is over ill start a new game soon, but for now go to the "fresh prince" forum and play the game over there.
  6. Denis Lawson directed a tv movie called "solid geometry" which starred Ewan McGregor who is going to be in "the Island" which is being directed by michael bay who did "Bad Boys (2)" which had Will Smith. now, Michael bay also directed "Armegaddon" who with Bruce Willis who was in "the whole nine yards" with Mattew Perry. This was it ladies and gents. we had close to 80 posts and i am taking this opportunity to end this game. We had a good run, it was fun, but now its over!!! i hope you had fun...
  7. i know, i know! one of these days one of two things will happen, eighter FP will be featured of Hip Hop Honors or behind the music, and when that happens they gonna say, at the end, and now will smith is making another come back in music with his new song "switch". And they will play it!!!
  8. Wait a sec. the album is called "switch" and the song is "got that"? i thought some people said that they heared th song live and its called "switch" what just happened here? ps. please share source, we are all JJFP fans...
  9. Alien


    if there is going to be a #3 of any will smith movie it should be Bad Boys. now that would be so cool. i like the hugest will smith and michael bay fan, so you could imagine how much i love those movies. and bad boys are movies that could be about almost anything, so with the right script, i wanna see bad boys 3!
  10. okay i got 2 good quastions. (by the way, im so sorrry it took me so long to post this) ill use the harder one for now! What is the name of carlton's band. (the one he did a quartet {wronge spelling, sorry}with.they sang a bunch of christmas songs.)
  11. I know where you can get it on black shirts. me and my friends already done a few shirts for ourselves. except your in Europe and im in U.S.!!! but tell me if you wanna where from.
  12. i belive it was $80 right? i wont post the newest quastion untill i haveconfirmation. but i do have a few great quastions lined up!!!
  13. Dan Inosanto was in "out for justice" with steven seagal who was in "Exit Wounds" with DMX who was in "Cradle 2 the Grave" with Gabrielle Union who was in "Bad Boys 2" with will smith. see no hint needed! Will to Uwe Boll (his a director!!!)
  14. me wanty will smith music. me wanty very bad!!! It would be so cool if he the new cd suddenly comes out as a JJFP cd. people would go crazy!!! (i know its not gonna, but im just saying it would be so cool.)
  15. matthew modine was in "any given sunday" with Jamy foxx who was in "ali" with Will Smith. I belive this game (did so good, which im happy about) has become harder to come up with names, rather than answer them!!! Will Smith to Daniel Kash
  16. go ahead put up what it would look like, i mean it could mean more money for the site!
  17. i go to thinking today that some of us might know each other, with out knowing it! not only from "six degrees of seperation" but from the fact that some of us might live in the same country or even neighborhood! so i thought we could use this place to check see if any of us "know" each other!!! ill start: i live in Orange California.... anyone? c'mon there has got to be someone out there in here!!!
  18. [quote]You're going to be so mad. This was easier than you think it is.[/quote] Wait, what other way was there to? If its really easy ill be sad!!! Tia Mowry was in "hot chick" with Rob Schneider who was in "50 first dates" with Drew Barrymore who was in "Donnie Darko" with Jake Jake Gyllenhaal who was in "Day after tomorrow" which was directed by Roland Emmerich who also directed "ID4" with Will. Will to Morgan Weisser
  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, wish you could see what i made: its reallly cool! (aw well) so hope you have the greatest birthday of all times, enjoy your self and i cant wait for all the new movies and cd. 36! by the way Jazzyjulie that was a great poem. :partyfest: :beer: wish you the greatest WILL: your biggest fan (that isnt stocking you!!!) ANDY
  20. Um... you guys have to help me out with something. I made this cool collage for will, and i cant post it. i need to know how to do it. its made in photoshop and last time i posted something in a forum, it was first put on the site, then dragged in, so help!!! btw: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL. I hope my collage goes up and you can see it. hell, i just hope you come here and read all these! which, by the way, if you did and then came and said, hey you guys i read them and i liked them, we would be like, "your not will smith, that could be anyone saying they are will smith." so it puts you in a tight situation!!! WE LOVE YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  21. im a little confused on what uni is, but i hope you have fun, and come back soon.
  22. Okay so Will Smith's birthday is coming up on the 25th, right? so why dont we do something special on the site? i suggest we use this forum. chances are Will wont read it, but its the thought that counts. so reply to this post with anything you want. Saying happy birthday to will, telling him what you want, showing him things you made (collages or advertisements, or websites), ANYTHING at all in honor of his birthday. start working on it now and lets have it all posted by the 25th i myslef am going to come up with something special and post it in a few days. :sonny:
  23. oh wait, it is "warm fronts" right? so you can go ahead and post a new quastion!? couse you put me doubt. i read it and i thought "warm fronts" but now you put me in doubt of my slef. so is that right? [quote]Willie Mays.[/quote] "Carlton, where is my willie? i can't find my Willie." - FRESH Prince. God his so awsome!!!
  24. I know who the chief justice is! William Hubbs Rehnquist who was appointed by ronald reagon. I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE! accually i cheated, i googled it and it came right up!!! "cheater, go back where you came from you bastard." c'mon you guys it was just a joke dont yell at me.
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