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  1. Yeah! Definitely... why not!? Thank you guys for posting the pics and the video.
  2. "Can I say 'hell'?" :) Thank you for posting, hadn't seen it either!
  3. >> "your hormones of little white spanish turn into black" Uhm... really?
  4. You're welcome Ale. It was pretty fun, yeah, and very worthy though I was struggling at work the day after, haha. Just sent you an email. Oh, and thank you for pointing us to the Facebook page for the pics. It's really awesome to see Jeff around Madrid.
  5. Indeed it was a great show. Thank god for this forum or I would have completely missed it... As for me and my friend, we couldn't get into the show via the guestlist, apparently we were not in the damn list, but anyway. I had a hell of a time. Here's one of the flyers of the show, and a pic and a couple of videos. Videos: https://www.dropbox....1004_030807.mp4 https://www.dropbox....1004_040815.mp4
  6. Man, how could you not believe the National Enquirer? LOL
  7. Thank you for the link. Downloading right now
  8. Haha, awesome. Just sent you a PM. Thank you!
  9. Yup. Cool beat, waiting for the full song, Thank you for posting.
  10. Nice! I'm definitely going... it may be in the middle of the week, but heck, not everyday Jeff comes to Madrid :D Thank you for sharing!
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