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  1. Oh god this was truely one of the hardest ones, i hate to admit it, but i had to ask a friend for help, so me and a friend did this one: (ps. you should be proud for thinking of Stan Laurel) Stan Laurel was in "the Bullfihgter" directed by Malcome st. Clair who also directed "fighting back" which starred Paul Langron who was in "4 for texas" which starred Frank sinatra who was in "the first deadly sin" with Faye Dunaway who was in "the thomas crown affair" with Pierce Brosnan who was in "Die another Day" witch was directed by Lee tamahori who also did "along came a spider" with morgan freeman who was in "sum of all fears" with Ben Affleck who was in "armageddon" directed by Mr. Michael Bay, who also directed "Bad Boys (2)" with Mr. Will Smith. If there was a real simpler way to that i dont wanna know, couse this took us a while. Will to Frank Sinatra Jr.
  2. nice, i really had hopped they would do a screening of it bymy house, but they havn't yet. so it is a great movie? couse you havnt said if you liked it or not. (when saying what you thought, please do not act like a critic, i hate critics.) i cant wait to see it. would you say its more of a kids movie or a teen movie? couse they show its trailers with pg-13 and r movies.
  3. nicky's name is Nicholas 'Nicky' Andrew Banks. Are we still waiting to see if thats right to post new ones? if so ill wait, but just in case: What was will trying to make when he burned down the kitchen?
  4. [url="http://tvdvdmedia.easystorecreator.com/Browse_Item_Details.asp/Item_ID/14/categ_id/3/parent_ids/0,3/Name/The_Fresh_Prince_of_Bel-Air"]Click here [/url] and see this, you gotta see it to belive it, no wait accually i know someone saw this on e-bay, but this is another official site. i wanted to order it, but i dont trust the site, i mean what if its a fake? so if you got guts to risk it, please go ahead and order all six seasons in one box set and if it comes, tell the rest of us so we could buy it as well.
  5. Thats great that you got a reply from him, how did you get a reply from him? did you just post on his website or what?
  6. [quote]I don't think guest starring on TV show counts. Can I get a ruling on this one? [/quote]Yea sorry, that didn't count so thanx for re-trying that one. [quote]It was a bit of fun! Lighten up![/quote] Yea i know it was, but people stopped listing, so i had to do something! okay so Alan Rickman was in "Dogma" with Ben Affleck who was in "Armagaddon" directed by Mr. Michael Bay, who directed "Bad Boys(2)" Will to Dan Castellaneta
  7. Who the hell Da Brakes, (why you messing up the game like that?)
  8. [quote]ive heard switch..its a dope club track.. will needs to release it soon though..cause those kind of traxs may not be in the charts for much longer...[/quote] are you talking about when you heared it live at premier or have you heared the accual song, ifso, were is it?
  9. A quick quastion please dont call me stupid after this. Is the song got to be real going to be on the new will smith cd? i mean its featuring him so you know? i like the song except it needs more will smith! got i cant wait for switch...
  10. hey thanx i was waiting for them to put something like this out.
  11. I like the site except in the filmography section the movie "Where the Day Takes You" was forgotten. its a great movie and will smith was in it.
  12. i would like to ad this: Thank you for this info...
  13. [quote]I don't know if he truly meant it because when he won his last Grammy, he thanked a bunch of people who inspired him to rap. He did not name JJFP as one of his influences.[/quote] Well, its eminem. his rapping is the opposite of FP, so he cant come out and say im a JJFP fan, people wont except it. do not forget these words im about to say: PEOPLE ARE STUPID. they would critisise him for it: CRITICS ARE STUPID...
  14. which track was it? i would expect this from Lil bow wow couse he remade "parents just dont understand" but Nelly?
  15. i just think the whole "transforming his body from corpse to soldier" sounds a bit like Universal soldier, that movie was totally diffrent but im just saying
  16. With the permission of hero i would love to accept this award for best caption. Thank you. and to those who say its too soon for an olson twins joke, i say "c'mon take a joke. you people suck... (dont take offence)"
  17. [quote]but the 25th isn't on a Tuesday.[/quote] Songs can come out on non-tuesdays, its just cds/dvds that come out on tuesdays, so if will brings out switch on the 25th as his b-day gift to us, then it would work out. has anyone found a site where you can get info on will smith other than this site?
  18. Im still a bit confused on how to get to this new forum and listen to trax. i have had lots of posts... maybe not enough, just help me, explain to me, LOVE ME (whoa sorry got cought up in the moment.
  19. The episodes that got allot of viewers were the ones with Will Smith. He guest starred in a few of the episodes (3) and they were great episodes... those are what got me to watch the show, and ofcourse the fact that it was produced by big will
  20. i just saw the trailer and it looks hilarious. by the way, how did you find out about themoviebox.net? i only ask couse me and my friends go to it allot and not too many people around here (Orange County, California) know about it. anyways... looking forward to seeing it. im single now, but ill get a girlfriend just so i can see it with her!
  21. See this is why i hate critics. hate is not strong enough for what i feel for them. who are they to be telling us what to like and dislike? F*** critics, i cant wait for shark tale.
  22. C'mon its Wayne Brady. his most popular from the show "Whose Line is it Anyways?" the US version with Drew Cary. but what does he mean "back in the day?"
  23. "I'm making a movie with the Olson twins and i didn't wanna make 'em feel fat..."
  24. im not sure if you mean Rod K. Brakes or not but here is one for him... (his the only Brakes i could think of.) Brakes was in "Londinium" directed/starred by Mike Binder who was in "Minority Report" with Colin Farrell who was in "Phone Booth" with Kiefer Sutherland who was in "Dark City" Directed by Alex Proyas who Directed "I-Robot" with Will Smith. Now lets do Will to Jackie Chan... shouldnt be too hard, it was just written and ignored.
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