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  1. when did we stop playing? here is a line: "Just bash the living **** out of it." once again, GOOD LUCK
  2. Or direct. "cough" Barry Sonnenfeld "cough"
  3. there is no more lines, why? "there is something seriously wronge with you. i been telling you that for years, you got something wrong with you and you need to have your self checked out." (haha, see what i did there? i wrote a quote in my statement! :hilarious: oh god im a genius! {sarcasim})
  4. Bad Boys. by martin lawrence. "dude you gotta learn the words."
  5. kiefer sutherland or guy pearce or ryan raynold
  6. i know i didnt answer the last one, but here is one: "how the hell are cats gonna do this?"
  7. what excatly is a potna member?
  8. so do you like it or not?
  9. i bought mine at Blockbuster.
  10. yep ID4 is right. so please honor us with a new quote. ps. i did not think anyone would get that! great job fresh princess
  11. honostly... who cares! who cares what the critics say. i hate critics with a passion! what do they know? all they do is tell people what to think and say! its stupid and wrong. all that matters is WE LOVE THE CD. the fans is what will does his thing for.
  12. 12:30 PM, leave school in the middle. drive to wal-mart. BUY CD... or 12:30 PM, GO CRAZY AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  13. MIB here's one (good luck): "Excuse me ma'am. could you spare some change? ma'am, MA'AM. SCANK"
  14. any chance you guys know what the DVD is called, or when its released?
  15. since the CD is released on Tuesday, and we can hear it thanx to tim and VH1, lets disscuss this. I think the lyrics are awsome. from comedy to emotional. WILL HAS IT ALL. i think this album is going platnum.
  16. Hey so thanx to tim i was litening to Lost and Found on Vh1.com, and this whole cd is so awsome. i mean "Switch" isnt even the best song, i love the whole album. most artist have a CD of 15 songs with 3 good ones and the rest are crap, but this whole CD is awsome. I mean it seems that Will Wrote most of the song from deep inside. they are all very well written ands sang. i mean he is finaaly saying what he feels to everyone. God i cant wait for tuesday to buy it.
  17. the cd sounds so cool... :jazzyinthehouse:
  18. yea but its not stolen! its used. watch your wording!!! thats funny! :laugh2:
  19. god i love that radio now. they have will on allot and play "Switch." you gotta love them!!!
  20. wait is it gonna be in stores too or is the bonus download only with preorder?
  21. this is amazing you guys. I went to i tunes to get "Switch" after recieving a 15 dollar card from my job, and switch was #11. its almost in the top ten. this is a huge deal to me, because will smith has always been the main stream music without the main stream. it was called main stream, but the last couple of albums hadnt been on tv, or radio. i have always been the "only" one in my group of friends who listens to Will, and now they all have the song. this Cd is gonna be AWSOME. i just cant wait for it.
  22. too excited cant wait... must listen to Cd NOW!!!! going crazy! :eek4:
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